Love Cliche’

As I sat down and contemplated what to share here this morning….so many thoughts came through all at once.  Taking a moment to pause….and ask “what does my heart whisper to me?”……there was one clear answer.  It came in the form of a cliche’….of love.

A lyrical gift to us from the Beatles, “all you need is love” begins the dialogue.  Isn’t that true, tho?  When we are feeling fully loved, there is very little that can cause us discontent.  I believe we often KNOW we are loved, but there’s a difference between “knowing” and “feeling.”  Imagine it for a moment….what it FEELS like to be loved.  It’s like the arms of Spirit enfolding you, holding you close and filling you up with its electrifying radiance.  The feeling of love…what a beautiful thing…when we take time and allow ourselves to bathe in its light.  And when we take that moment to remember what love really feels like, on a very conscious level, do we not know….that “love is all you need?”

So for today, perhaps find a quiet space of time – however small or great – in which to allow yourself to become completely embraced by love’s warm acceptance and grace.  And then, let the love flow outward from you wherever it will.  For it’s true that when we are feeling wrapped in the arms of loving gentleness, we naturally offer that same gift to others.  After all…..isn’t a desire for love the whisper of many hearts?


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