You Already Know Who You Are

I believe it’s true that we come to this life with the full knowing of who we are.  Inside our being lives connection to our chart, which holds all the details of our spirit’s journey here.  I also believe the lessons we are here to learn, the people we will meet along the way and the purpose of our presence in this time of history have all been decided upon well before we actually arrived.

We come here with the knowledge in our soul of who we truly are.  But part of the journey is to become immersed in this world that is Earth school.  It’s very clear that as children begin school some of their “innocence” which is their very pure connection to Spirit starts to fade a bit, and the social ‘do’s and ‘don’t’s take affect.  All through our school years and into our early adult years, we are influenced by what the world expects from us, what others think, who we “should” be and what we “should” be doing.

But take a moment and consider this:  we have come here as ourselves – lost ourselves in these expectations – only to work our way into remembering who we are yet again.  When life offers us an opportunity, and we are dissatisfied enough in Earth school to reach out and take it, the reconnection begins its transformation.  The things that were so important once in our lives lose their luster.  Fame, success, fortune all leave us empty.  The soul knows its way back.

You already know who you are.  Every fiber of your being carries the memory of why you are here.  These memories are not like Earth memories.  They are not clear in the mind.  They are *crystal* clear in your heart and soul.  There is not another on this planet who shares this knowing about you.  Why then, do we allow others opinions and beliefs to shift our course?

Yes, lovelies, you already know who you are.  Doesn’t just that statement make your heart sing?  Can you feel your spirit smiling upon repeating it to yourself?  Transition what you allow to impact you – or perhaps just how you allow it to do so.  Hold onto what you know is true today, in the recesses of your heart.  Try this – find a quiet place today and ask yourself what you know for sure about you.  Be still, filter out the background noises in your mind, and listen…..

Listen…..for it is the whispers of your heart that are your truth…..

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