An Awareness of Grace

I wonder how many times during our day the “little” signs of wonder in our life go unnoticed?  It seems that sometimes we get so caught up in the things we need to accomplish and the busyness of DO-ing that we lose the magic just one moment has to offer.

I’ve been reading the book Loving Gifts From Heaven by my friend Mary Shannon Bell.  She writes in great detail of the signs she has received from her parents after their passing.  When Mary encounters one of the signs, she is able to connect to the love shared with her mom and dad, sometimes even through memories they trigger for her.  What is occurring to me as I read, is how much of the “little things” we all may be missing as our mind and focus are consumed by the busyness that is life.  For Mary, it takes not only an openness to receiving the signs – the LOVE – from her parents, but also an awareness of what is happening around her IN THE MOMENT which allow her to become one with the messages they send.  Because Mary is in tune with her surroundings, with the love she has for her parents, with her own belief in something miraculous, she is able to connect to their energy and feel herself smile with each special gift they send to her.

This can be brought into our daily lives as well, and doesn’t have to be about signs from our passed loved ones.  What about the people who are still here with us?  And what about the grace of being filled with a sense of wonder at something that seems so small, but can move mountains in the depths of our being?  I believe when we are present enough to experience such moments, the resulting emotions we feel are infused with love, joy, gratitude, belief not only in something greater than us, but also in the very essence of who we are.

The beauty in this awareness of the grace filling our lives is this:  we can choose to connect with its presence.  No matter what our day consists of, no matter the demands on our time and our energy – we can each find the moments that are best suited to our lifestyle.  Whether it’s a minute during the course of your routine, in which you just breathe in something wonder-ful around you, a few moments of sitting in contemplation with the good things in your life or spending time with a loved one and soaking in the affection and enjoyment you share together.  We can all find the time to sit with the awareness of grace in our lives.

And know this…..when we give ourselves the space to feel the vibration of grace, gratitude and love running through our being…..we are then able to hear….the whispers of our own heart…..

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