What It Means To Be Intimate

Intimacy.  A few years ago in a women’s group, we talked about being intimate with yourself.  At the time I could barely imagine what this could mean, especially in terms of our cultural perception of what intimacy might be.

But it has just occurred to me – what it means to be intimate with oneself.  Becoming intimate with Jackie has meant so many things, beginning with giving her permission to be herself – to feel what she feels, to use her voice and her expression to be Jackie – however that may look or be received.

This has required – and continues to require – tuning in to my own channel; filtering out the content I do not wish to view or absorb into my being.  Self-judgments, negative opinions of others, harmful media – and yes, even an awareness of how I eat and treat my body.  All are run through the sieve of my own heart’s desires.

I’ve had to “sit on the shelf,” feeling the full emptiness of my inability to find value in who I am.  And from those experiences has blossomed an appreciation of the simplest – and the greatest – pieces that are ME.

Intimacy with myself equates to listening to my own voice, standing in the mirror and taking in the whole of what I see.  And it has also taught me to listen to my heart, and believe in what it tells me.  Being intimate with Jackie – as Jackie – means I know her, trust her instincts and allow her emotions.  She is honored and loved by me.

The road that leads to intimacy within ourselves – and with those whom we most love – is to listen….to the whispers of the heart……

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2 thoughts on “What It Means To Be Intimate”

  1. Jackie – beautifully written. I can relate to so much of this. I don’t think I really became intimate with others until I became intimate with myself.

    SO glad to have found you. This is Janece (from Facebook). “Grace” at the Wild Pomegrante 😉

    1. Hard to love others without learning to love who we are first. Absolutely true “Grace!” (Love that name, fills one with compassion and peace.) I’m grateful for our connection – and looking forward to reading more of your posts. You have a charming style of delivering truth and insight. Much love. xo

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