There IS No Time

We so often get caught up measuring the pages and events of our life through the hourglass of time.  Yet, what must be remembered is the Universe operates on her own diving timing, meaning simply ~ there is no time.

What to us can feel like forever, to the Spirit realm is but a momentWe are so used to experiencing our life through the “fast” lane we sometimes miss the joy in each step of the journey.  Imagine a baby who is learning to walk becoming frustrated that he cannot get up and run.  It seems ludicrous to consider that running could even be a possibility for this child at this phase of his life.  But there will be a time when he confidently stands up and runs!  And even then, it may take several years to really be in sync with his body, his limbs, his momentum, his SELF enough to run with ease and fluidity.

Ponder this when viewing the hourglass pictured above:  as all of the sand runs through the top orb into the bottom, the hourglass will be picked up and turned over, only to repeat the process yet again.  This is the same process of our lives.  The zodiac chart and the archetypal chart are circular in form, from the 1st house to the 12th house.  We move around this chart in a spherical motion, sometimes revisiting the places we’ve already been, only to go deeper, becoming intimate with who we are and gaining a heartfelt understanding of ourselves and our soul.

Choosing to see the timeline of our spirit’s journey here as linear only creates discontent and the need to “hurry up,” breeding the inability to savor what each granule of time offers to us.  And so loved ones, remember:  there is no time, in the space of your spirit.  Already you have everything you need from within, and your life path is meant to connect you with its essence.

You are right where you are meant to be.  When you stop to acknowledge and embrace this truth, you step into the purpose of your soul.  And from this place….you can hear….the whispers of your own heart….

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