Where Do You Find Love?

It’s true you know – “love is all around you.”  Just as there are miracles present each moment of the day, the energy of love is woven into every experience and each corner of our environment.  We have only to choose to see it, to feel it, to hear it, to smell it, to KNOW it.  And once we do…..the possibilities are endless!

Here’s what else is true my friends:  When you decide to open yourself to the vibration of love in your life, you will literally feel it in your heart.  It’s like your heart is humming, overflowing, breathing the essence of love.  You will taste it in your food, savoring each deliciously satisfying bite!  It will ring out in the excited bark of your dog, the cheerful chattering of your child, the delighted “good morning” from a co-worker.  Love will waft into your senses, filling you with scents, sounds, flavors, feelings and visions of joy and exuberant celebration.  When you welcome love into your presence, you invite sensuality to wrap you in her embrace.  The beauty is this:  You have only to ask it to be so.

Love is so much more than a box of chocolates, dinner out, a bouquet of flowers.  Strange as it may seem – “love is in the air.”  And it’s not always in the form of romance.  Love is the flower flourishing with the warmth of the sun and the gentle soaking rain.  Love is the tree whose branches reach to the heavens in gratitude.  Love is the serenity of a quiet moment in which to connect with who you are.  Love is writing, singing, reading, weeping, laughing, painting, playing, working:  love lives in all of these.

Love is everywhere.  I promise you it’s true.  You have only to look for it.  Begin today….right now….choose it.  Open yourself and listen….for love lives in the sweetness you will hear whispered from your heart……

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Inspiring fiery passion through soul connection. Lover, Seducer, Awakener, Firestarter, Visionary. #kissingthesacred

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