Nature Song


Butterflies dance by
Leaves gently blow;
My own heart cries out
Longing with them to go.

“I want to be free!”
Comes the call meant for me.
“I want to fly high,
Through the sky and just BE!”

The sun shines brightly,
Burning light into my heart;
Drawing me ever so near–
Lest my song should depart.

Mockingbird sings loudly his notes
To all who can hear;
Caring not whom he mimics
In his place, without fear.

Calm floats through the trees
As though whispering peace;
Breathing life into all who dare
Engage such release.

Adorned with grace and elegance
The mourning dove rests–
Then gathers delicate pieces
To feather her nest.

The cardinals too
Join this heartsong parade;
Love is openly shared
From their perch in the shade.

I am blessed to be here
In the sanctuary of our Mother.
And my prayer now to you–
“Let my heart speak to others.”

Jackie L. Robinson ~ 12.10.06

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Inspiring fiery passion through soul connection. Lover, Seducer, Awakener, Firestarter, Visionary. #kissingthesacred

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