Murphy’s LOVE

This is a picture of PURE LOVE: meet Murphy–an old soul.  No matter what kind of day I’m having, he can channel a sense of warmth into my very core.  The beauty of Murphy is that not only does he give love, he teaches me how to love unconditionally.  He has helped me to understand that I am not just seeking to be loved in this life, but I have within my soul the most pure and raw desire to give love.

This is in stark contrast to my beliefs growing up and into adulthood, and the wounds I carried for too long.  “I just want to be loved” became a self-defining, but also self-defeating statement.  Murph has opened my heart to a more authentic truth:  “I just want TO love.”

Like me, Murphy was wounded.  For him it was a gaping “hole” in the side of his face.  For me, it was years of negative self-programming.  In bringing him into my home to care for him, I began to connect with a very real truth:  LOVE HEALS.  Murph truly needed an environment filled with love.  He thrives on it.  And this is his reflection back to me.  WE thrive on it.  We love to love: to share love, to give love, to receive love.  We need love to feel at our best.  He reminds me to take time to love–coming to sit beside my desk chair, he’ll gently place his paw on my leg.  It’s his way of telling me to take a moment to consciously focus on him and the feeling of love.

Surprisingly, Murphy’s face wound healed quickly when I brought him home to take care of him.  Love healed Murphy.  And love heals me.  LOVE HEALS.  When we choose to allow its vibrant energy to flow through our being, we invite healing and vitality into our lives.  Perhaps the old soul in Murphy knew we would journey into love together–in fact, I’m sure he did somehow.  We came to this place for and with each other.  Murphy warms my spirit, and he’s in my life today only because I listened….to the whispers…..of my own heart…..



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