If You Let Yourself Go

What would happen if you really chose to let yourself go?  And I mean really let yourself go–into a space that might feel uncomfortable, unknown–and perhaps even exhilarating!  The possibilities of what could transpire over the course of your exploration into such places in your spirit are endless.  As Wayne Dyer says–you would step into living as a limit-less human being!

Truly, there is so much we hold back, keep out and just don’t allow to filter into our consciousness.  Somehow we come to believe this keeps us “safe.”  We fool ourselves into thinking we already know enough, have everything we need.  From the perspective of the soul, we can never perceive the many facets this crystallized jewel envelops.

Holding a crystal in your hand, no matter which way you turn it, or how many times, each reflection of the light illuminates differently.  This is the quality of your soul.  The sparkle of who you are and the gifts you carry take on a new glow at every angle.  Filled with riches and unique qualities, only YOU have what is needed to be YOU.  And here’s what’s true my friends:  only YOU have the power to animate your soul’s essence.

Consider each choice that comes your way–no matter how great or simple it may be.  For wrapped within every opportunity to consider what is best for you, is the gift of connecting more deeply to who you truly are, allowing your spirit to shine.  It lives within you, waiting to be recognized.  You can hear its message….and step more fully into purpose…..when you listen to the whispers of your own heart.


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Inspiring fiery passion through soul connection. Lover, Seducer, Awakener, Firestarter, Visionary. #kissingthesacred

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