Believe in Believing

Believing.  Sometimes it seems so difficult to us as students in Earth school.  How does one define what it is to “believe” in something unseen, unknown?  And what is it that suddenly can “make a believer” out of us when we least expect it?

The Universe works in her own timing.  We are all given the capacity to have enormous faith in the unexplainable.  For some it happens naturally.  Others need to experience an awakening “event” to connect with their inner knowing.  And yet for many, it springs from the “chicken or the egg” syndrome.  We must choose to believe in order to experience.  For this group there is no “Divine miracle” that suddenly wakes us up from our unconscious slumber.  Instead, it becomes a choice, made each day as we are able, to view our world from a different perspective.

Enfolded in that choice is the desire to connect to what we already “know” in the most conscious space of our being.  We are one with the infinite cosmos.  We are one with the magic of Spirit infused into every miracle we welcome into our lives. And as we take these steps, CHOOSING to believe, we become the believer.  The journey is to “believe in believing.”  For when you do–your eyes open wide with the wonder of it all.  Your heart pumps stronger, feeling fuller with the pulse of life.  Your soul opens up to the warmth of sun shining down on you.  Love is deeper.  Joy is greater.  Laughter is louder.  Tears are more heartfelt.  Faith is stronger.  The thought of stepping through a door into something unknown no longer holds you frozen in fear.  Your entire being begins to move with grace, open to the possibilities and willing to risk what has been your comfort zone.

This is my challenge to you today.  Open yourself, expand your awareness–“believe in believing.”  And if you wonder where to channel this energy in your day–you know what to do my friends.  Breathe deeply into yourself….open your inner listening….and hear…..the whispers of your heart……

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Inspiring fiery passion through soul connection. Lover, Seducer, Awakener, Firestarter, Visionary. #kissingthesacred

2 thoughts on “Believe in Believing”

  1. Oh Jackie…what perfect timing! I just had a talk with myself this morning that I should stop living my life with a certain belief and accept what appears to be. Yet, here is your message speaking straight to my heart to “believe in believing”. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

    1. I think it’s wonderful how something that speaks to my own heart and is in my own life can touch others too. It makes me smile and feel our Divine connection when you share your thoughts through these comments. And so – I thank YOU. There is a message here for us all. We would change the world with our belief if we really tapped into it! ~ xoxo

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