“What Do You Know For Sure?”

Oprah began the public dialogue around this question several years ago on her program, challenging us to look within, using clear vision to understand what we know for sure in our being.  A similar thought is often posed by Caroline Myss in her teaching as she states:  “and here’s what’s true” and completes the sentence.  In either case, what is being asked of you in engaging this inquiry is to go deeper within and connect to the purest “stuff” of your interior life.

When you ask yourself “what do I know for sure?” you must take pause.  The levity of the question demands you enter the space of your soul’s sanctuary and remain there until you return with some piece of your truth.  In her work with Mysticism, Caroline focused an entire book on this practice–Entering the Castle, based on the work of St. Teresa of Avila.  Our soul is the castle, the inner space and we must enter into that place with a spirit of reverence, honesty, pure intent.  When we engage the Divine in the rooms of our castle, we begin to ask the questions that frame our very connection both to Spirit and to who we are.

It seems like an easy question to answer at first, doesn’t it?  But in the light of retrieving the response from the vantage point of your soul, there is so much more here.  As you begin to contemplate your life, your beliefs, your god–you call on your soul to answer.  A union is created between you and what is indeed “true” for you.  What you find there may surprise you.  What you find there will enlighten you, strengthen your ability to see yourself, to be confident in who you are.

“Here’s what’s true” my friends:  when you put yourself in the space to really enter your soul castle and seek your own answers, you are in effect calling on Spirit and the power of grace to channel through you and empower the column of light between you and the highest form of Being.  You are entering a very sacred space.  Approach it as such.

This is a magnificently powerful question, with an abundance of spiritual electricity attached.  As you begin to contemplate its place within your own self, you must first enter the space of your heart…..listen….and follow the guidance of the whispers you find there……

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