Love Whispers to Me

~ The Choice to Love ~

Love – because I choose to.

I want to.

It’s me.


I love you because that’s who I am.

My heart tells me so.

Love is not equal


Asked for.


Love is free

Always accessible

Available to all.


There are no rules

No requirements

To love.


I can love any time of day

Anyone I choose

Anywhere I am.


I AM love

And I have only to connect to its presence.


Loving isn’t always about the other person.

I love—

For me.


My heart wants to love

My spirit is love

My soul knows love intimately.


I am love.

I choose love.


Loving is for me.

My heart needs it

And even wants it.


My soul feels whole when I am loving.

My spirit sings

My self smiles.


Whatever I can do today

Whatever I can’t do tomorrow

I can ALWAYS love.


~  Love Calls to Me  ~

Love waits for me behind the door

Welcoming, inviting me into her warm embrace

As I step through the threshold.


She is always there

Chanting silently

“Choose me, choose me.”


She will wait with patience and understanding

She will wait while I decide.


Will I choose love?

How can I possibly find my way to her through the mine field

Of fear, disempowerment, hurt, wounds, expectations?


How do I maneuver these obstacles

Stay the course

And meet her on the other side?


It seems so difficult

But then all at once becomes clear.


She is there

Shining, glowing, warm, radiant

Offering joy, peace, connection.


And so I begin with the choosing.

I choose love.


And one step at a time

I walk toward her.

Feeling love’s heat enter again

Into my heart.


With each step forward

She expands into my being.

Filling every cell

Every finger, every toe.


Tears of release flow gently down.

There goes my anger

And then my fear

Hot streams of my pain and pride run down my face.


And I keep walking

Looking up

Realizing how close to her full, beautiful presence I have come.


My heart is soft


Opening up fully to her.


I reach out my hand to touch her

Her gentle arms open to me.

We connect

A warm and deep embrace.


And when I open my eyes to look again

Her form is gone.

Yet I feel her so completely in my entire being.

She is with me still.


AS me.

We are one.

Love and I.

United—joined in grace.


I am relaxed now.

My heartbeat speaks the language of her

Of me

Of love.


We are one now.

Love and I.

I am love.


~  by Jackie L. Robinson  2.16.11  ~



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Inspiring fiery passion through soul connection. Lover, Seducer, Awakener, Firestarter, Visionary. #kissingthesacred

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