The One Thing

It’s always there, in the background of our thoughts, in the space of our consciousness where we are aware of it but can still move it to the corners and instead focus on what’s right in front of us, neglecting The One Thing.  Sometimes it’s nagging, constantly playing round and round like an old record.  Other times we are successful enough to keep it in the shadows and not allow its presence up front.

The One Thing.  It’s not always unpleasant–in fact sometimes it’s quite alluring and filled with intrigue.  We might even have a strong desire to follow its path.  But fear, anxiety, the unknown, being too busy–all of these get in the way.

Consider this:  what if The One Thing is that one choice, one action, one movement to spring your spirit into true joy?  So often The One Thing is something we want very much, but feel disconnected to, blocking out our innermost voice.  Intuition speaks to us sometimes through what feels like “nagging.”  And somehow, our first inclination can be to ignore it, fooling ourselves into believing some falsehood about what it would mean should we choose to follow along.

And part of the “fooling” that we do to ourselves is to believe we aren’t “good enough” for whatever it is we desire.  The One Thing becomes a pipe dream rather than a reality into which we move one step at a time.  When we slow down, take time to consider with full consciousness what The One Thing truly is and allow ourselves to connect to it with our heart, our mind, our spirit and even our body–we just might realize how much we desire to reach for it. And so perhaps the key is to simply slow down.  Listen.  Understand.  Trust.  All of these play a role in connecting to your own One Thing–and subsequently, your own spirit.

In reality, The One Thing can become the piece that moves us full into our purpose.  Each step leads to another, and before long the voice of Spirit is filling your being with direction and inspiration.  And you find yourself standing tall in the midst of your greatest dreams….no longer seen as fantasy.

We’ve all heard it:  “the heart does not lie.”  Embrace your hearts whispers by slowing down long enough today to listen….for it is there you will find the path to your greatest self……

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Inspiring fiery passion through soul connection. Lover, Seducer, Awakener, Firestarter, Visionary. #kissingthesacred

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