Follow Your Heartsong

There are times I feel strongly the desire to express through writing, but the words escape me. This morning I decided to pick up an old journal from the middle of 2007 and seek out some of the poetry I had written a few years ago. Reading those lyrics that seem such a short time ago in my life, I was instantly aware of how far I’ve come and how much has been released over the last 3 1/2 years of this journey. The shift within myself was immediate, bringing about a clearer perspective on who I am TODAY. Uncertainties, doubts, worries about where I am on my present path vanished as I began to read the words of a woman who had no voice. Searching desperately she implored God, her soul, her self to step into the light, into authenticity.

“What’s there in my soul, hiding out in the dark? Flames would burst into fire – just give me one spark. Let me just get a glimpse of this delicate space. Step out of the shadows, show me your face. Something within is calling to me – I can’t quite hear its voice; it’s barely a whisper yet it feels like a scream. Crying out in great pain, begging me for its ease. ‘You’re not making sense’ comes my reply. Though your lips move, neither words nor sound can escape. What is keeping you mute, can’t you see, don’t you know? Why can’t you break free from this master of your soul? You want to, I see desperation in your eyes. The message seems clear – this is now ‘do or die.'”

As I look back upon the growing pains of developing my own voice, becoming an authentic expression of who I truly am inside–I can both feel her pain and at the same time feel the love that has grown in its place.  This woman had to want it.  She had to need it, desperate enough to risk all her comforts to find it.

And through her eyes, I can now see how much I have healed the holes in my spirit.  She has a voice now–and sings beautifully her heartsong.

Don’t judge where you are in your journey.  Allow yourself to feel what you feel, experiencing what you must in order to release old wounds and burdens.  Beneath all of that breathes a vibrant, extraordinary spirit, just waiting for your permission to BE.

We each have our own heartsong.  Its sweet sounds can be heard when we honor who we are in this very moment and take the time to listen… the whispers of our hearts…..


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4 thoughts on “Follow Your Heartsong”

  1. I had a really strange dream and as a rule of late recalling or even thinking I have dreamed is non existant. This dream was very vivid and I woke wondering what was that about. I have asked for clarity more through the morning. After reading you post and thoughts more insight is shining on the message from my spirit. I to marvel at the changes or me personally and my journey. I too have come so far in a very short time in years (2006) but it feels like a life time ago.

    Thank you for the words and sharing your very personal journey. Love to you.

    1. Ros ~ And so, we touch one another through the course of who we are and where our journeys take us. So grateful you are here….so blessed to share your connection. Doesn’t it help sometimes, when we feel our steps come at the slowest pace, to take a moment, look back and see where we have come from? Today that simple action brought to me so much appreciation for who I am today. Much love to you….xoxo

  2. What a beautiful post… I’ve been thinking about making a big change and this is EXACTLY what I needed to read. Thank you for sharing it. Perfect timing for me to find it. Have a blessed day 🙂

    1. Jaclyn ~ Thank you so very much. Step into it, even if it’s uncomfortable and make the change. After some time has passed and you look back at this time in your life, it will all be worth it. So difficult for us to have the compassion we truly need WHERE WE ARE – but outside of our selves it’s very clear how delicate this journey is. Part of my own soul’s purpose is to share….and your presence makes that possible, so with gratitude I honor you. xoxo

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