Space of the Sacred

A spiritual journey is what we are all here for–whether we are consciously traveling its roads or not.  Karma weaves itself into the events of our lives as we play out the sacred contract we have come here to fulfill in being who we are.  There are many words to describe this process–transformation, enlightenment, spiritual alchemy, awakening. And we will encounter our truest self through the mirror of our relationships, whether we are aware of it or not.  What we do with this reflection is one of the key elements in connecting to the intensity and depth of the soul.

Chartres Cathedral--Chartres, France

As we become more and more aware of the dialogue shared with the most interior sanctuary of ourselves, we learn to feel its language.  A deep longing to find connection to the greatness of the Universe calls out to us, seducing us into its embrace.  We begin to recognize our emotions as pathways into Spirit.  At times, we even feel the beckoning to let go of yet another layer.  Although it may be painful or uncomfortable, it brings us to a depth of intimacy with the Sacred that we desperately desire.  And once we move through the discomfort, as we open our eyes to the exquisite nature of the Divine, we understand the alchemical nature of the experience.

I believe we can sense it at times–a knowing inside ourselves that it’s time to peel another layer.  Time to let go of something our soul no longer needs on this journey, “something” that stands between us and Divine ecstasy.  The impulse will be to turn away and avoid what we fear might accompany the release of human “stuff,” but what we must realize is the Universe holds space for us.  Lovingly supporting us through even the darkest moments, and emerging with us in Light–or ENLIGHTENED–on the other side.

Honor the voice of your soul.  Allow yourself to hear its call…..step into it…..ever awakening your consciousness….drawing closer to your innermost sacredness…….through the whispers of your heart……

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6 thoughts on “Space of the Sacred”

  1. When I visited Chartres the first (and hopefully not the last) time, a funeral was being held in the cathedral. Talk about a beautiful energy in which to honor someone’s life. Doesn’t it feel like many people are being asked to “peel another layer” right now? So many spiritual journeys seem to be going deeper all at the same time.

    1. Carol, it does indeed feel as though we are peeling back the layers…leaving only raw, pure love exposed. We are being called to honor who we truly are, deeper and deeper.

      Like you, I hope to one day return to Chartres. Was just thinking the other day what it must be like to get married there. Certainly the sacredness of honoring the life one has lived is no less beautiful. What a lovely thought. Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts and connect. Sending love to you. xoxo

  2. The photograph is quite amazing, and more so for me. You see, I have come here to this house 2,000 miles away. Part of the ‘reason’ is the labyrinth in the backyard. It’s huge, it is made of rose quartz crystal and it is created with this specific design – serendipity? So as I go outside to walk the labyrinth inspired by Chartres, I will be contemplating your post, going ever-deeper to see if I meet your words and walk with them…

    1. Claire – what a beautiful labyrinth that must be – and in your own backyard – you are very blessed. Yes, perhaps serendipity has come to visit your thoughts today. Love this note you’ve posted….can feel the depth of your soul and the love in your heart. Much love to you….enjoy that labyrinth journey in the rose quartz crystal…..xo

    1. I can feel it too, as I look at the Chartres image. It does have a unique power of taking me directly into the space of my soul. I’m glad it feels that way for you too – and so happy to share it with you here. xoxo

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