Reconnecting Through Lessons Learned

Life is funny sometimes, isn’t it?  Just when we are feeling full of all it has to offer us, we may be knocked from the mountain top in the space of a heartbeat.  And not only does the fall hurt, the cuts and scrapes along the way bring their own pain and wounding.

But here’s what’s true friends:  every experience in our lives, sometimes most especially the uncomfortable ones, offers to us the opportunity to reconnect and grow stronger in who we are.  The truth is that so often we find the purest essence of Spirit as we are experiencing some of our lowest places.  Is that not the beauty of this journey?  Just as we are feeling our hearts ripped open, and a hopelessness in doing anything to make it different, we are reminded that our inner life is what matters the most.  We are offered the loving arms of comfort from the Divine.  And if we are allowing it, Grace is penetrating our every cell.  And in this place–there is nothing TO do, except to simply  “allow.”

Just realizing these truths, feeling the love of the Universe weave herself through the pain of our emotions, brings comfort and healing and awakens us once again to the yearning from within.  We find ourselves stirred to continue this path with purpose, to reconnect to All That Is and strengthen our ability to be authentic.  We are blessed beyond measure….and we have only to be still long enough to realize it.  So take your time today, loved ones, to be still…and to listen… your own heartbeat….and the whispers of loving truth you find there….

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