The Question is the Call

Every question carries the energy of connection, authenticity and personal power–some much more than others.  And yet, all too often we fear the reaction we believe inevitable if we answer from our inner truth.

The Universe uses our world to guide us.  The people with whom we interact and share love, programs we might watch or books we read, experiences we have over the course of a day–all of these can be used to speak to our innermost spirit; and if we allow, can bring a shift in perspective into our awareness.  Even the simplest question such as–what am I going to do today?–carries the power to connect us more deeply to our heart’s whisper.

What if the world is more than we imagine?  What if the question is the soul calling we’ve been waiting to receive?  What if our natural instinct to defend ourselves keeps us from answering?

Consider it this way, the simplest question:  “Where would you like to go to dinner?”  It seems inconsequential does it not?  Our instinct sometimes is not to put ourselves out there, in case our partner, friend or loved one wishes something different than we do.  Out of self-preservation, protection, defense of what we believe to be true, we may not answer in a way that reflects our very real desire.  We wait to see what they want first.  Is this the belief that what they wish matters more than what we would like?  Is it a need to maintain their love and approval?  Or are we simply uncomfortable with saying what we really want?  Any of these in action keeps us from BEING who we really are.  And something so simple–where to eat dinner–has now captured and held hostage our personal power to choose, to be, to ANSWER the call.

The call doesn’t come in a theatrical, dramatic and overwhelming experience most often–and certainly not initially for most of us.  Consider this concept through the chakras:    1st chakra – how you relate to your tribe and what you do to ground yourself; in the 2nd chakra – how you manage and manipulate your personal power; the 3rd – what you do or need to feel self-esteem; the 4th – how you love and feel love in the world around you; the 5th – do you choose to use your will in a way that honors who you are and what you desire–is it the voice of your spirit?  And so on.  It’s not just about the “third eye” (6th chakra) or how we process and think things through (7th chakra).  The 8th chakra is where our life contract lives and it isn’t until we get to the 9th chakra that we are fully in the realm of the soul, and the power of GRACE.  Here’s what’s true:  God/Spirit is present from 1 – 9, and calls to us in each.

And the call comes in a variety of ways.  If we spend our time waiting for it to happen, to jolt us out of the everyday life we live, we’re missing it.  It begins with the quietest of whispers.  “Jackie, you are out of balance, how will you find yourself again today?”  And then I must go within, first moving into an awareness of my natural resistance and perhaps fear of acknowledging that I am indeed out of balance and understanding why.  This is part of the call–connecting to my truth and letting old beliefs no longer hold me in place.  As I allow myself to do this, I can then move forward into the exercise of creating balance, and in so doing reconnecting to me and the Divine that IS me, lives in me.

The call comes every day.  We have only to listen to the questions that enter our awareness, and choose to answer them honestly and without defensive posture.  If you wonder what the questions are, in this very moment…..take a deep breath in and out….and ask to hear it……then LISTEN….for it whispers to you from your heart……

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2 thoughts on “The Question is the Call”

  1. Jackie … I love these questions:
    “What if the world is more than we imagine? What if the question is the soul calling we’ve been waiting to receive? What if our natural instinct to defend ourselves keeps us from answering?”
    Thanks so much for raising them for our consideration, sharing your wisdom, and inviting us to explore on our own … within!
    Hugs and blessings,

    1. Virginia,

      They seem so simple, don’t they? But when we stop to take a moment and contemplate what the deeper inference is, embracing the inquiry as a message from Spirit, so much more is revealed. And THAT is the lifting of the veil we all so desperately seek and desire. YOU get this….I know. Thank you for being here to share with me.

      Love to you,

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