Transformation of *Not Knowing*

Two thoughts are floating around my mind today.  The first began yesterday when talking to my sister Lydia about Eckhart Tolle’s “The Power of Now.”  The excerpt she was discussing related to projecting our fears.  We have so much anxiety and worry over *not knowing* what’s going to happen with this or that–will there be enough money?  Will our children be ok?  Will we need to move?  Am I going to know my life purpose?–and then there are the even more formidable *what if’s.*  What Eckhart Tolle poses is that each of these worries aren’t even existing in our PRESENT life!  Instead, we have projected into the future a vast array of fearsome possibilities for what *could happen!  If we reel ourselves back in, we have only to take a moment to realize it has NOT happened, and we are creating a storyline of negative energy through our willingness to feed into the anxiety.  It feels a bit chaotic to even talk through this, doesn’t it?  Now imagine what THAT does to your spirit.  To your body.  To your psyche.  Exhausting, isn’t it?

The flip side of this is a very positive approach to *not knowing.*  No – we don’t – and isn’t that the amazing part of it all!?  ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!  When we embrace the not knowing and just go with the Flow, the sky’s the limit.  Very much like the message we shared in Beyond Our Own Belief is it not?  God has so much waiting for us, with infinite grace and gifts.  What on earth are we worrying about? 

So this is the message today friends, short and sweet.  Stay in TODAY.  There’s NO benefit to worrying about tomorrow…for what you might end up creating could be nothing compared to what the Universe is holding in her palm for you!  Open yourself to Her wonder.  She is with you always….in the whispers of your own heart……

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