Beautiful Day

It’s not so much that I have something amazing to share, only that it’s an incredibly beautiful day and I’m loving every moment!  The last week has been a journey of ups and downs, to say the least.  Monday evening and into Tuesday brought cause for tears and heartbreak.  But through each of those, an opening was made for the purity of my soul to shine through, for the inspiration of “letting go” to birth creativity–for my truest self to “be.”

The heartbreak subsided, the sun began to shine and miraculously, in tune with my inner barometer, the weather warmed up!  By the middle of the week, the veil was lifting, and I found myself walking with a bounce in my step.  Through an incredibly transformational experience on our community Facebook page, energy was shifting without me fully being conscious of it.  For the last several months, I’ve been on a journey of seeking–we always are, though aren’t we?  In this case, it was a specific journey….seeking “what’s next?”  How do I animate the energy I feel inside, what’s the right direction and why isn’t it working as I’m trying to “push” it through?  Of course, I didn’t fully realize the extent of the “push” at the time, but being on the other side of that, I can feel it.

I’ve heard talk of the “download.”  Of something so creative coming through a channel most unexpected and so, it brings with it the “miracle effect.”  I wasn’t prepared in the least–but then, I was prepared at the same time.  A paradox perhaps?  THAT my friends is where we find the inception of Spirit…in the high consciousness altitude of the Divine paradox.

It came in quickly–and as though in a flash, things shifted.  Monday it was tears and tissues.  Friday it was cartwheels (ok, yes, I refrained…that last attempt reminded me that taking 20 years off from “tumbling” isn’t to be taken lightly, lol)  and excitement that ran so hot and fast through my veins I could barely contain myself!  It’s here–the birth–it’s happening!  Something amazingly magnificent is on its way, I see it, I can feel it, I know it in the very core of my being! 

This is how it happens, though isn’t it?  We engage the heartbreak to open the crevices that lead into our soul.  We surrender to the emotion and that very same emotion becomes the guide to rebirth.  And so again….I’m THANKFUL.  I’m grateful to be on this journey, experiencing EVERY high and EVERY low that leads me deeper into myself, into authenticity, purpose and Divine connection.  I’m elated to take this journey–and every side path along the way–leading me more and more into consciousness. 

I’m listening still…for there’s more to come.  And whether the high remains, however the “expected outcome” waivers from reality….I’ll continue to tune in and listen… the whispers that speak to me so clear…..from my heart…..xo

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Inspiring fiery passion through soul connection. Lover, Seducer, Awakener, Firestarter, Visionary. #kissingthesacred

4 thoughts on “Beautiful Day”

  1. Now this is just a JOY to read 🙂 So happy when the energy shifts like that…I felt a huge shift myself after this last Mercury retrograde ended. It started way back in March.

  2. You describe ‘birthing’ so beautifully here. Transitioning, healing, moving inward, moving forward. the energy is unbelievable, up and down, swirling around. Learning to go with the flow!
    walk in beauty.
    -followed a link from The Wild Pomegranate to get here and boy I’m glad I did.

    1. Thank you both for taking this journey with me! Generally I have a thought of what I want to share. In this case, I just began and it flowed. Love how the energy guided each of you on a journey of your own…and how you allowed yourselves to join me in mine. Welcome Joss…so pleased you found this space here. (and I adore The Wild Pomegranate!) Our circle just continues to expand and I’m so grateful to connect with each of you as we travel together through Earth school! Much love. (love you too Anna!) xoxo

  3. Oh wow, the energy in this post is transferring on to me. It’s 3.54am and I’m hyper excited now. Yes everything you say is so true. I’m waiting with much gratitude to see what is coming to fruition. Jackie, what a wonderful week it has been. Highs and lows, energy shifting and expanding. Everything is possible. I love where you are headed! ❤ I love you Jackie ❤ Namaste

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