When You Least Expect It

I’ve found this is how some of the most amazing moments of my life have come into form:  when I’ve least expected amazement to enter the stage of my presence.  And yet, I find myself awed each time it occurs, enraptured in the Divine flow of the miracle in which I am a part. 

The most clear example of this was meeting my husband over 20 years ago.  I was just about twenty myself then, and made the conscious choice I wasn’t going to just mess around and take lightly “relationships” with men any longer.  Enough.  I was going to just focus on myself, my life, where I was headed and what I wanted.  Oddly enough, what I always wanted from the time I can remember was to grow up, get married and have children.  That’s it.  Simple.  I was ready at 20 years old–I wanted the commitment, the relationship, the lifestyle of being a mom.  But it just wasn’t happening.  So it was time to redirect.

That was in November.  We had our first date December 12th.  We were engaged by Valentine’s Day…and married just six months later.  Our oldest daughter was born the following August–15 days before our one year anniversary.  I couldn’t have imagined this was how the next year and a half of my life would be when I consciously shifted my focus, my energy, my belief system.  The decision at the time was significant, but truly, I had no idea just how much.  As I let go of needing approval from the men I casually met in my life, my heart’s desire waited just around the corner–when I least expected it!

Don’t you find the same in your life?  It goes back to another post I made some time ago about the Universe having so much more for us than we could ever dream of for ourselves.  I didn’t dream of THIS life I’m living–not the way it looks up close.  In my heart it was just the family unit of loving connection and growing together.  Something I had grown up with and wanted to carry on as part of my own legacy and life purpose.  The details of how it would all come together didn’t matter.  And the Universe has blessed me with so much more than I could have ever asked for–or known was available for ME. 

I love this journey.  On a daily basis I continue to be amazed with All That Is and the stream of loving consciousness and connection that flows into my life.  My voice expands more and more as I allow its energy to move through me and open my heart to who I am.  Living authentic and speaking out loud matter to me very much.  What I have “least expected” is the generous outpouring of love that comes from within.  But it’s not only within myself I find and feel so intimately this Divine love–I continue to be in awe and daily touched by the depth and raw purity of the love that is available to all of us in so many ways from around the globe.  It’s always there my friends.  ALWAYS.  If we’re not feeling it, then somehow, we’re not allowing it. 

Take a moment to consider where in your life it’s time to let go of old beliefs.  And I promise you that as you do–as you clean out that old closet and make room for something “new”–you too will have the abundance of your heart’s desire “when you least expect it.”  It won’t be wrapped in the packaging you’re anticipating either.  Your heart’s desire will come to you in the form Divine Consciousness–how the Universe sees the whispers of your heart.  Because All That Is sees beyond the “stuff” we carry, into the deepest core of our truth–the soul of our being.  And if we choose to, we can enter the surface of that sacred space through the channel of listening…..to the whispers of our hearts…..

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