Living the Dream

For those who’ve been following the ups and downs shared here over the last week, it might delight you, as much as it does me, to know the child is born!  After laboring through the birthing process for 5 full days, the announcement was made public last night with the unveiling of our new website. 

Together with Shelly Wilson, I’m launching a new business with the intention of bringing Divine Love and Healing to all who seek it, around the world.  It’s still amazing to me how simply it happened…and how quickly this whole process moved.  From the time the information was realized last Thursday until today–we’ve come full circle.  And I’ve enjoyed every moment, felt alive in the creation of it, and look forward to what the power of loving intention can do.

And so my friends, I invite you to stop by and visit our new baby…and join us on this “Journey Into Consciousness.”  By bringing people together in a space of openness and sharing, the message gets out and we connect to one another–realizing your struggles are mine, your joys are mine–and our transformation occurs in the witnessing of one another in this place.  What we truly begin to honor is what has always been true:  ALL IS ONE.

We’ll be posting on the site about our featured guests and events, so should you feel inclined, subscribe and receive all the in-depth information.  Our role is merely to serve as the “medium”–the channel through which Spirit touches each of us. 

I feel so very blessed to be alive in this time, in this place, with so much available to us through the internet.  Without ever leaving our own homes we are traveling around the globe at the speed of light, meeting people who touch us in the core of our beings.  Indeed, we’re joining hand in hand with our soul companions to this journey.

Thank you for your ever-present love and support.  This truly is my passion, and I’m so, so grateful to be “living the dream!”  All of it made possible by remaining open, allowing love to enter the cracks, letting the emotion move through the crevices and welcoming new life on the other side.  And here’s what’s true: I understand the language of it….only because I’m listening….to the whispers of my heart….xo

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Inspiring fiery passion through soul connection. Lover, Seducer, Awakener, Firestarter, Visionary. #kissingthesacred

3 thoughts on “Living the Dream”

  1. *Pops the champagne cork* Woo Whoo! 🙂 I’m SO excited for you and your new project, Jackie! I’m really looking forward to what you gals will be sharing. Blessings in Abundance on your new endeavor, as you work to bring healing to the world!

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