Pulse of Life…and Love

There’s a pulse that beats steadily around the world, indeed WITHIN the center of our Earth’s makeup.  Alive with the breath of BE-ing.  Awakened through the powerful force of love.  As the blood travels daily from the heart center of our bodies to the tips of our fingers, so does this love travels into every tiny cell of every living thing. 

We forget in the busy-ness of our lives that the vibration of love and of LIFE is ever present, hovering around us, always ready to enter into the whole of our being.  It is we who put up our hand and ask it to wait a moment…when we finish this or that, when we have time to be still and allow it, when the emotions that keep us tied to past experiences aren’t weighing us down, when we are so exhausted we can’t possibly keep up the pace.  And then we stop.  We begin to surrender and to allow the pulse to beat within our own hearts…in rhythm with the heart of our Divine Mother Earth.  As we fall in step with her vibrations, we become channels of love and healing.  We awaken the quest for peace and consciousness that already lives within.  And we step forward into our own purpose and passion.

THIS is the journey friends.  Pausing, being still long enough to feel the rhythm, to allow our own heart to move in sync with that of our Great Mother.  In doing so, we not only connect to the Source, but we uplift All That Is and become instruments of change. 

And in truth, if you are here, reading this….surely this is your heart’s desire.  You seek to become more and more connected to WHO YOU ARE as a Divine presence walking on this earth.  You open yourself to her embrace and guidance.  She is ever with you…in the breeze through the trees, the rippling of the water’s edge, the song of the bluebird in your backyard.  SHE is all around you.  Waiting, patient, always available to you.  Open your heart….let her voice stir your soul.  She speaks to you directly….often….just listen…she’s in the whispers of your heart….

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Inspiring fiery passion through soul connection. Lover, Seducer, Awakener, Firestarter, Visionary. #kissingthesacred

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