Patience is a Virtue

While that may be true, I’m not sure it’s a virtue I’ve mastered very well–if at all.  But that doesn’t mean the Universe isn’t asking me to continue learning and putting in my best effort to be patient along the way.  I’m not talking about the kind of patience it takes to wait nine months for a baby to arrive, nor the patience we need to save diligently for a large purchase we would really like to have right now.  No–the patience needed at this time is that of letting Spirit work in her own time.  Allowing the process to unfold as it will, without trying to exert human efforts in an attempt to force it through.  I seem to remember something about a camel through the eye of a needle or some similar notion from the days of church; meaning–that would be a miracle and is not something that can be FORCED or made to happen by any amount of human desire.

Isn’t this where we find ourselves at times?  Situations that occur in our lives, leaving us with the awareness that something is out of balance…but without the power to instantly create the change needed.  It’s a process, and perhaps it’s more like those nine months of waiting for the baby than I originally thought.  That human life has to undergo several transformations before entering this new plane of existence.  During that time, the protection of the mother’s womb is where the tiny new life is most protected, nurtured and given the conditions in which to grow.  Without this safe place, the life may not survive.

Do you recall a time in your life when you have been “in the womb” of protection, needing that time and space to evolve into a new form of yourself?  We can’t possibly know or be who we will become at the end of the process.  All we can do is remain in the NOW of it.  And what serves us best in this place is to allow Spirit to move through us, changing us along the way.  There’s no roadmap directing us, highlighting the path to get there or what it will look like once we do.  It’s the little “hints” and messages along the way–the whispers that serve as our travel guide.  That is why we are on the JOURNEY friends. 

In this place, I surrender myself to the process.  Opening my heart to whatever is needed to heal and become the vessel of love and compassion I choose to be.  AHA! Here is where we do have human power to be part of the change! We CHOOSE.  We may not be able to control the process, but we can choose how to respond to its presence.  Fight or surrender? I choose surrender.  For in doing so, it is to the force of Spirit that we offer ourselves.  We choose to be channels of Divine love and healing, letting go of our ego selves and lightening the burden of human “stuff” we carry. 

The word “entrust” is synonymous with surrender.  The Divine is the very womb of our protection, and a safe place to land.  Can we not entrust ourselves to the truth of this?  Surrender enters each of our lives at various times on the journey.  We are all called to evolve, to let go, to change and move more deeply into ourselves.  What is your present call?  How will you surrender and allow yourself to become the change?  Be still, listen.  For the answer comes…in the whispers of your heart…..

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