Changing Altitude

Change.  Uncertainty.  Lack of clarity.  How do you respond to these?  How do WE respond to these as a people?  I believe there is a shift in our approach.  Not only are we stepping forward into “allowing” ourselves to be–to just simply BE– but also we are allowing ourselves to be ALL.  And in this case, “all” means all that we are.  Divine.  Filled with the desire to love.  Open to connecting with others.  Willing to take down our walls of self-protection and move forward, facing our fears, our anxieties.  And as we do, what we realize is they had so very little power in reality, but so very much in our own minds. 

We are taking charge of the Divine potential–not even potential–the Divine TRUTH of who we are, and what we are capable of creating.  Our greatest purpose here is to love.  And what if we could just tap into that?  What if we made that our daily mantra and responded to the dilemmas, fears, frustrations–with love?

Changing altitude in a spiritual sense is much like changing altitude in a physical sense.  When flying a plane, if there are storms, they raise the altitude at which the plane is moving.  And there’s an altitude at which our human selves can’t handle the purity of air, the lack of gravity, the intensity of light.  But our spirits CAN.  Our spirit can soar far into the Universe.  We can take in all the cosmos has to offer us.  When this world weighs us down, we can defy the gravity of our baggage and raise the altitude of our consciousness.

And this is the journey friends.  THIS is what we are here to do.  Release that which holds us in place, let go of the anxieties and just allow ourselves to step into the power of our spirits.  THIS is the calling of our souls, all of us.  We are unique in how we feel Spirit move through us, and how we connect to the beauty of Life.  But we are all the same in terms of the longing in our soul.  We ache to be true, honest, filled with the integrity of Divine presence–seeking to be filled with love and healing.  And still this is not enough.  Our collective soul desires even more–to share, to channel, to become a vessel of the energy that is GRACE.  To do this, we must, must, MUST allow ourselves to rise above the density of our baggage and our ego–and change the altitude.

All are able to do this.  With attention to our inner life, our intuitive knowing; gaining an understanding of just where the shift is needed, as we tune in listening…to the whispers of our hearts….


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Inspiring fiery passion through soul connection. Lover, Seducer, Awakener, Firestarter, Visionary. #kissingthesacred

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