Yin and Yang Dance Together

One of my heart’s greatest desires is to live authentically–as ME.  There’s a beloved purity in allowing oneself to be as we are, without putting stipulations and expectations on ourselves.  Recently, I’ve taken many ‘giant’ steps toward living this truth, and with each one comes a sense of inner freedom.  As I choose to integrate more of who I truly am, my soul is more and more liberated from the shackles of fear, judgment and co-dependency.

I’m feeling this reality as I contemplate the day and weekend ahead.  Coming out of a very busy week, there is much to catch up on and get organized here at home.  My mind says for me to ‘relax, take it easy and just enjoy.’  Yet, I am aware of a checklist of things I truly wish to work on and accomplish.  For me it’s not about being able to check them off, but about honoring the truth inside of myself and giving space to all that my physical and spiritual self not only desire, but need.  And in this moment, the whispers are absolutely clear:  ‘set your priorities and move through them at your own pace.’ 

What’s so very beautiful about this experience is that even THIS is a letting go.  We tell ourselves that when we’re overwhelmed we need to step back, rest, be still and get centered.  And yes, this is all part of the process.  But there are also times we need to then move forward and take action in our world.  This is the beautiful marriage of body and soul.  The soul needs connection, stillness, a very pure and raw intimacy with the Divine in and around us.  The body needs movement, function, animation and involvement with all of Life.  Together they create a fully integrated being.  One who can be still a moment to connect to his/her truth, and then use that inner knowledge to affect change in their world.

How liberating this feels!  So simple, right friends?  And yet, it’s tremendously empowering: to allow these two parts of my being to join together.  The ‘drive’ of my desire to get grounded through accomplishing the things that matter to me coupled with the longing of my heart to honor my spirit.  Together they are a powerful force of love, truth and presence.  It feels much like an AHA! moment for me!  A space in which my Universe, my belief system has shifted to another angle of being. 

Loving ourselves isn’t just taking the action of pampering who we are, shutting out the ‘real world’ and hibernating either in real time or by withdrawing from the world around us.  Instead it’s allowing ALL of who we are, what we feel, our desires, dreams and goals to co-exist in one being!  Taking it one step further, it’s bringing THAT authentic self out into the world, as an agent of change.

Wow.  Thank you for taking this journey with me.  There’s an energy of movement inside myself….I’m feeling excited about accomplishing the things that matter to me today.  My heart is elated to be heard and my mind thrilled to recognize there is a balance, a weaving together of masculine and feminine in this way, the sacred dance of yin and yang.  Beautiful.  And this dear friends, is why I so love tuning in and listening.  For we can’t possibly always know what one might hear…..in the whispers of our hearts…..


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Inspiring fiery passion through soul connection. Lover, Seducer, Awakener, Firestarter, Visionary. #kissingthesacred

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