This Day

This day will never come again. ~ Caroline Myss

An enormous amount of truth is contained in this tiny sentence. ‘THIS day will never come again.’ Whatever it is you are experiencing in THIS space of time, honor it and know in your heart you may never again return to this place. For those who may be struggling, the sense of comfort is immensely warming. These struggles, these challenges and the way in which your entire being is working through them–will never come again. Even when we face the shadows in ourselves that are deeply woven into our being and cyclical in fashion–each time we encounter them, they look and feel different somehow. We grow and heal through them, only to reach another layer of potential empowerment through the embrace of who we are.

And should we be in a time of joy and contentment in our lives, we can ease into this truth and allow ourselves to fully be present in the grace of the moment, the experience, the joy. Always there are gifts present to us in seeing ourselves and our lives through a lens of honesty, integrity and the willingness to humbly live our truth. All of life is a gift, all of our experiences are meant to enrich the journey of consciousness we are all taking and sharing together. ‘This day will never come again.’ Open yourself to it, invite its elegance into your being, dance with the melody it plays on your heart.

And here’s what’s true friends, indeed all of life is a gift. So too are WE a gift. As we move closer and closer into the center of our beings, honoring and uplifting the Divine presence we ARE, we stand taller and taller in the ‘I AM’ of ourselves. This theme has proven true in my own life over the last few months. Opening myself to be seen, to be heard and known in ways that previously contained fear and discomfort. Letting go of the worry and allowing each day and each moment’s Divine potential to be the mantra of my soul. It’s so simple, isn’t it? And yet, we complicate it in order to keep ourselves ‘safe’ and ‘protected.’ In reality, we only manage to create a barrier to the crystallized center of our spirit.

‘This day will never come again.’ As you allow this truth to penetrate your mind, your heart, your soul, what are the feelings that accompany its presence? How would you live today if it were never to repeat itself? What are the pieces of your life, of your self, of your IS-ness that would matter enough to honor?

Listen….open yourself to the voice of your heart, letting her music move you. All of your answers, all of your being and beauty live within the sanctuary of who you are. And dear friend….you already ARE… have only to see, feel and know it. Take this moment, in this place of time–for it shall never come again–and listen. Let yourself hear the truth of you… you tune in to the whispers of your heart……

*As I honor who I AM, I’ve simplified my Facebook fan page to just ‘Jackie.’ My writing will still be shared, as will other avenues of my spirit’s journey. I invite you to join me and shine your light in this space that is ours. Much love…xoxo


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