Unexpected Visitor

I’ve just learned something new about myself! Really, like so much we ‘learn’ about ourselves, I’ve always known it, and so I’ve just RE-discovered it. I’m inspired by Nature–she is one of my greatest guides and today this realization strikes me deeply. A full dialogue to share with you all was already present in my mind as I opened this page to write. And then in the blink of an eye, it all shifted and the storyline has changed. Isn’t this the way of our own journey?

As I prepared to write, I did something I always do–glanced out my window, looking INTO the trees, feeling enraptured in the energy of shadows dancing on green grass beaming in the beautiful sunshine. Follow me, as this journey is taking many turns through the truths playing out in my interior conversation: I began to type ‘beautiful Georgia sun’ and was stopped in my tracks with the Divine cosmic reality of the nature of our planet. The sun here in Georgia is not belonging to her alone, this is the radiating source of energy that shines on us ALL, in every moment. We may not always FEEL the glow and heated warmth she gives, but we are always beneath her light as it washes over, into and around our planet. At nighttime, when our back is to her, she continues to shine. Not feeling her presence is in no way an indication of her absence.

Can you feel this truth my friends, as the truth of the Divine? Always we are in the arms of embrace, always we are held, loved, comforted and guided. Always–even when we have turned our back to the grace surrounding us. Do take a moment to let yourself feel fully the realization of this truth.

Nature. Ah yes, that’s where this post began. My guide and loved one. I’ve known it to be so, but even more so in the way my soul is feeling it in this space. So often we wish to complicate it by wanting to know ‘who is my soul guide?’ So simple, loved ones. One of our greatest is Nature herself. And SHE is everywhere, in every space we enter. There is no way to be separate from her. So the truth becomes that we are always receiving guidance…and when we feel distant from that reality, it is WE who have turned away from it.

There is peace in this knowing–a kind of serenity we all search for and long to feel. Here it is–open, available and ALWAYS shining into the heart of who you are. Be still a moment, close your eyes, feel the warmth of sunshine washing over you. And listen….for you will hear your heart doing what our hearts always do…..whispering words of grace and wisdom…..xo

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5 thoughts on “Unexpected Visitor”

  1. Love this post, Jackie 🙂 You know what an avid Nature lover I am, and I couldn’t agree more. I’m almost positive that part of the reason why we see such…turmoil…in places of the world, is that people have lost their connection with Nature…they’ve lost their sense of her wisdom and sacredness. Thank you so much for this beautiful reminder!

    1. Sad but true Janece…too many have lost their connection to the grace of our planet and the Divine energy she exudes to us all. Writing this post–it felt a bit all over the place as I wrote it, but once through the entirety of it, there was a clear undertone of the sacredness and guidance of Nature that I couldn’t have anticipated. Keep loving, keep honoring and savoring her beauty and wisdom. The more we do, and the more we come together, the greater the opportunity for a shift in the energy of our planet. xoxo

  2. With a full heart and much gratitude I thank you. Always amazes me how what seems to be the simplest ‘thing’ can touch the soul of another. And that is always a welcome gift. Much love to you…xoxo

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