The Truth About ‘Good’

It began as I read the post of a fellow blogger, ‘Something Beautiful’ from the Wordsmith’s Desk.  The first few lines of the post were from an old church hymn I remember singing as a child.

Something beautiful, something good

These are the words that played over in my thoughts–especially something good. From there I heard Maria and the Captain von Trapp singing ‘somewhere in my youth or childhood, I must have done something good’ as they realized they were in love and couldn’t imagine the good fortune of being together and having found one another.

‘Something good.’ In her poem ‘Wild Geese’ Mary Oliver begins with ‘You do not have to be good.’ It’s an interesting word–GOOD. And even more so what we’ve created as reality within our beings around it. ‘Be good. That’s good. It wasn’t good. Do good.’ Just typing and repeating ‘good’ is rapidly removing the insinuated context of its meaning from my thinking mind. (Which I’m realizing as I’m typing this could be a very effective exercise in quieting the mind or practicing disassociation from our perceptions of ‘what is.’)

First, the reality that I’m hearing from deep within myself is that we are already GOOD. What Mary Oliver meant to indicate, or at least what it feels to me, is that we don’t have to try to be good. We don’t have to follow a set standard of living or being in order to obtain the beauty, grace and true Divine ‘goodness’ of who we already ARE. It’s a paradox really: ‘you don’t have to BE good because you already ARE good.’

So let’s go a step further and feel the definition of this word ‘good.’ I love for quick clarity and understanding; here are the words synonymous with ‘good:’ admirable, charitable, honest, innocent, perfect, pure, worthy, whole. YOU are ALREADY ALL of these qualities. WE are! Not because we’ve done something to be so. And there’s nothing we can do to not be so.

In the very core of who we are lives the innocence of our being. At the heart of our presence we are pure, we are whole. Wholly perfect. This is unrelated to what we say, what we do, how we live or what we accomplish. We are a soul center, filled with the grace of the Divine. We are beautifully PERFECT. And our journey here through Earth school is to REMEMBER that truth and stop trying to prove or create it. IT ALREADY IS.

Today. You. Own it. You are a Divine being filled with perfection. Imagine if we already knew that–how differently would you live? This is our journey my friends. To engage and connect to this truth. And to BE the ‘goodness’ we already ARE. Stop trying to attain it. It’s yours–you came with it! Just let it shine. BE YOU. I AM Jackie. And I AM good. Already. It is so. Listen dear ones, for you will hear its truth confirmed in the whispers of your own heart.


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4 thoughts on “The Truth About ‘Good’”

  1. I had to chuckle a little bit about your Academy Award performances, lol. So very true, your last words. “God (good) was inside of me, looking for expression through me.” THAT’s it! You summed it up beautifully in just one sentence. When we are ‘good’ on the outside it’s merely the expression of what lives inside us–beyond the fears, beneath the layers of programming and through the opening of our heart and the knowingness of our souls. WE ARE the Goodness. And the choice truly is to allow it to be expressed through us.

    My love to you…enjoy your beautiful Sun-day. xoxo

  2. 🙂 This was a beautiful post, Jackie, and I totally get what you’re saying. In our very essence, we are ‘good’ all the time.

    For me it’s been true that I’ve had to practice allowing that goodness to make manifest in my life – because I can honestly say that not everything I’ve done or said in my life has been ‘good’. For example, growing up, I was a fantastic liar. I mean, I could have won Academy Awards for my performances. It wasn’t until my mid 20s when I went through a transformational experience in my life, that I made the conscious decision to speak the truth as much as possible.

    It wasn’t easy, but I learned. I practiced. And eventually I became a very honest person. But back then it didn’t come ‘naturally’ to me. LOL

    I’ve also had to learn – to practice – some other goodnesses. And my inspiration and motivation came from knowing that God (good) was inside of me, looking for expression through me. And if I just got out of my own way, that Godness would shine through.

    Thanks for the inspiration this morning! xox

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