Murphy’s Law

Questions in my spirit today, all focused on the energy, emotion and power of love: How do you love? And in what way do you allow it to move through you? Where do you become ‘Love in Action’ following the pure essence of Divine love in your heart? What moves you to FEEL love? And do YOU feel loved? So many questions, offering to us a deeper understanding of what love truly IS, how we interact with it and welcome or dismiss its stream of soul connection in our lives.

Gary Zukav, author of Seat of the Soul, has another book titled Heart of the Soul,  focused on emotional awareness. Just a few chapters in it’s clear to see the words and truths being shared have the power to reorder one’s interior relationship with love. We are all blessed with a tremendous capacity to connect to the energy of loving vibrations through our soul truth, requiring us to honor and FEEL our emotions. As we move from fear and pain into love and trust, we not only become more healthy within our emotional system, but we are able to channel that positive energy into the world around us, connecting to our soul’s true alignment with the Divine Universe and welcoming abundance to surround us in whatever way our contract offers. The key my friends, is FEELING.

So many tactics we have to avoid it: work, food, addictions, false optimism. Zukav covers all of these in his book and very clearly outlines how each of them becomes a barrier to our emotional truth. Fear and pain lives within us all, but we don’t have to operate from that space. Through honest analysis of our true emotions, we effectively transmute the fear and pain into love and trust. Seeing clearly allows us to step into our Divine personal power, to claim the soul purpose that is already ours, and to live embracing who we are on all levels.

Our emotions are perhaps the greatest barometer to understanding what our inner truth is. Allowing ourselves the ‘time-out’ moment to ask: what am I FEELING about this? Or how am I feeling today? The space of time in which it takes to connect to our inner climate offers to us an oasis of healing and honoring who we are.

Murphy’s law: Love is all you need. As I began to write this post, focused on the energy of LOVE, Murphy made his presence known. Sitting at my feet, those big eyes of his looking up and filled with a very pure desire to simply…LOVE.

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One thought on “Murphy’s Law”

  1. “The space of time in which it takes to connect to our inner climate offers to us an oasis of healing and honoring who we are.” so true. more and more I believe in the wisdom that lies within us and which can guide and heal us.
    walk in beauty.

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