Own It!

Personal power. It’s available to each of us, and we are faced with situations in our everyday life in which to claim it–to own it! One of the greatest gifts we can give to ourselves is honesty about who we are, the experiences in our lives and the ever present opportunity to honor our inner truth. Always–ALWAYS–there are choices. Although it’s true each cause has a subsequent effect, each choice is always ours to make.

In those moments of feeling powerless, stuck, and in the space of ‘have-to’–take a breath and ask yourself–what are my choices in this? While not all may be desirable, there are always options and ways in which to manage your power. And while looking at the potential choices available, part of the equation is to consider the possible outcome as well–the ‘consequence.’ In no way is this meant to infer this will be negative. For clarity, here are some synonyms for ‘consequence:’ effect, outcome, sequence, waves. Now consider your choices and ask yourself what the ‘waves’ of each one might be once put into motion–and go further to feel which option is in alignment with your heart and inner truth.

Especially when the same life situation presents itself to us over and over again, there is a lesson, and indeed even a gift, being offered. The Universe is bringing to us the presence in which to own our personal power a bit more. And this, my friends, is the power of the heart and the voice of your soul. This is not power that is carried around on one’s shoulders or the kind that expands the thinking mind beyond its boundaries. Stepping into this place of power reorders one’s life, and too often we are fearful of the impact of such choices.

Love, trust, warmth, inner knowing and soul alignment with the Divine are what truly await your spirit when you choose for your own empowerment. Although there may be seemingly undesirable outcomes here on the Earth plane, when we honor our own truth, always, always, the Universe holds, loves and supports us. At the core of our being, we can connect to the Source of contentment, grace, peace.

Own the truth of who you are and how you feel. For this is the doorway into walking through Earth school in the path of your soul purpose.

Love to all….xo


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Inspiring fiery passion through soul connection. Lover, Seducer, Awakener, Firestarter, Visionary. #kissingthesacred

7 thoughts on “Own It!”

    1. There is something that lights up inside when I am writing…and then when it touches people. You are a warm ray of sunshine, Art. So happy our paths have crossed….and for the ZEN you bring into my life. xoxo

  1. oh Jackie, you are such an inspiration and I love how you so gently and wisely remind of us what truly matters and encourage us to live our truth. At least it’s what you do for me so I know it is the same for others as well.
    walk in beauty!

    1. Joss–I love how those of us who write from the heart can so beautifully uplift and inspire others. It feels like such a gift to share and then even more so to feel our words connect and speak to the soul of another. I’m walking…..hand in hand with so many who see the beauty in our world. Love to you….xoxo

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