Dancing the Spiral

So far we’ve come as a human race, and yet so far we have still to go. Fear continues to grip us, both in places we ARE aware of and those remaining to be discovered. It seems as much as we do release, we travel onward in the journey of our souls to realize there is more to let go.

As you process this, rather than receive it as discouragement and lack of forward motion, consider that you are a perennial work in progress. Always there is another step to be taken to move closer to embracing fully our Divinity. The music plays on and the dance that at first felt to be a challenge and required focused energy, attention and effort, now becomes a joy in motion. Even when settling into the elegant and graceful glide across the floor, one can still connect even more deeply to the rhythm and Flow inspiring the body, heart and soul to continually move, to dance the dance.

Open yourself to its fluidity, letting it completely enfold you as you become lost in the sacredness of this space. So much more is here for you than the mind can even begin to imagine–for this space lives beyond the thinking self. Let yourself go, breaking away from the gravity of space and time and instead surrendering into the emptiness of BE-ing and the openness and warmth of Divine presence.

The video below played in my ears as I shared this message with each of you, and I encourage you to take just a few moments out of your day to listen and allow it to inspire you, to move your heart, to melt your fears, and to guide you into the depths of your soul’s beautiful light, pure truth and radiant glow. Connect to the Source that IS you, and flows from within YOU. Much love.

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Inspiring fiery passion through soul connection. Lover, Seducer, Awakener, Firestarter, Visionary. #kissingthesacred

2 thoughts on “Dancing the Spiral”

  1. I love this reminder Jackie. I was just reading another version, yet essentially the same thing in Adyashanti’s “Falling into Grace” last night before I fell asleep. Thank you! Sooo much love!

    1. Jillian, I love when the messages line up so beautifully as to come to us in a short space of time through different methods. I’ve not read ‘Falling into Grace’ but it sounds quite lovely…and I’m adding it to my ‘list.’ Thank you for being here, and for sharing. Sending you much love today…xoxo

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