Every Step Supported

I find myself once again in awe of what the Universe can accomplish! And truly my friends, I can’t explain to you why this is, for I trust fully in the gifts that seem to be consistently surrounding me. Whatever it is that might be needed along the way, it seems to come at times without any awareness on my part that it was even a possibility.

Most recently I found myself having such a delightful time working with friends to create these beautiful little WordPress sites. It has become a form of canvas on which to paint the essence of one’s being, using the design, photos and language to allow the energy to unfold. Often I’ve thought what a fun little business this might be–and yet the fear of THAT client coming along who might desire a website beyond my knowledge and ability, has kept me circling, uncertain, unable to commit.

Just two days ago, I committed–fully. The evening before doing so, I found myself in tears with the realization that this could be REAL. From deep within my being came the knowledge, the knowing that once I said YES the doors would swing WIDE OPEN. In that moment, the emotions were not centered around the inability to create my dreams but the full awesomeness of the dreams coming true with just one word: YES.

And so setting the fear aside, I chose to stand up and just go with the Flow. When the client came along that needed something beyond my abilities, I would be honest and let them know perhaps I am not the right person for the job. Without any thought otherwise, I felt at peace with this next step and have begun to gather the pieces and put things in motion.

What has come next truly ‘knocks my socks off!’ Speaking with a very dear friend today, Stephen Michael Marcus of the groundbreaking Sacred Ground technology, brought about a whole new Collaboration and option for those clients who desire a bit more advanced website. Stephen is a highly intelligent, very intuitive and extremely loving being filled with so much knowledge and understanding of these more complex and intricate pieces. As we began the dialogue initiated through simple questions about me getting started, a beautiful connection began unfolding.

Are you getting this my friends? The Universe sent me what was needed…supporting me all the way in places where I had let go and wasn’t feeling fearful any longer. I wasn’t LOOKING for it…and truly in some ways hadn’t specifically asked for THIS to be a solution. And yet, we came together, each in our own space and journey, and are sharing our unique energies and gifts in a way that will not only honor our creative desires, but will honor and uplift others as well.

The miraculous occurrence of this continues to astound me….so much so, I’m not even certain I’ve effectively put it into words. What I wish for you to know, to feel deep within your being, to listen to from the quietest whispers of your heart is this dear loved ones: ALWAYS–ALWAYS you are loved, supported and held in the arms of grace. ALWAYS.


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Inspiring fiery passion through soul connection. Lover, Seducer, Awakener, Firestarter, Visionary. #kissingthesacred

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