‘Look Harder’

Gazing into the water to find his father, to remember who he was–Simba saw only a glassy reflection of himself. Spiritual elder Rafiki urged him: LOOK HARDER. Simba looked into the water once again, this time seeing beyond what appeared on the surface, only to find his father’s face shining back at him.

Interesting that today’s thoughts come from two different conversations on tv this morning. The first I remember clearly, and the second not so much as that felt to be a validation message. So much controversy around Chaz Bono on Dancing With the Stars this season. I loved what the producer said–that we all learn so much about each celebrity who comes on the program. What DWTS does is to allow us to move beyond our first impression of who these people are, and to see them on a more personal level. As we do so, we begin to understand, to connect, to realize we are all the same in some way. And that my friends, is what people are most afraid of with Chaz being on the show. What if who he is ends up being a part of my life or my child’s life? What if I’m not just one layer deep and there are tumultuous emotions, uncertainties, unsettling within myself? What if the Universe is asking me to undergo a significant process of transformation in my own life? The fear is crippling.

It struck me so deeply, that this program on tv which is seemingly just for entertainment, actually brings to each of us the opportunity to ‘look harder’ at the Life that is thriving all around us. We are forced to release our preconceived notions that keep us comfortably separate and safe, in exchange for the awareness that indeed All is One. And yet, we fear it. We are terrified of what might happen if we take that moment to ‘look harder.’ What will we be asked to do with the knowledge we receive? How will the new perspective reorder and shake up our beliefs, compelling us to embrace a deeper reality of the divine present in all of Life?

Consider this as you go through your day. Take that moment to really look beyond your assumption of what is ‘true.’ Open yourself to realizing something outside your normal boundaries and realities. Embrace the impossible, the unrealistic, the miraculous. Honor the sacred that lives in every being you encounter. Let the experience of change open not only your eyes, but welcome it to pry open your heart just a little bit more.

Each step takes us deeper into the spiral of our souls. And the choice whether or not to walk on is fully ours. How will you step forward?

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6 thoughts on “‘Look Harder’”

  1. just beautiful, as I’m going through what I ‘think’ is a transformation of some sort, this really hit home…thank you so much ❤

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