Gentle Reminders

You can grow as fast as you want to. ~ Caroline Myss

The truth in this statement is that ‘want to’ isn’t merely a matter of our wills choosing and forcing our growth to occur. Rather, it takes a full embrace of the growth process within all of our being. There is an alignment needed in order for change to enter our lives, and while taking that bit of space to CHOOSE it is important and perhaps a very big first step, it isn’t the only piece of the puzzle.

Transformation can move at a rapid pace, and sometimes with its own focused gentle rhythm. And while we CAN grow as fast as we want to, the ‘want to’ must be felt on so many levels. We can ‘want to’ for years and fully believe we are ready, wondering why it’s not happening, what we must be missing, and all the while the Divine is lovingly assisting us in shifting the interior of our beliefs on the most mundane and the most intimate and sacred of layers. Often, we aren’t even aware of the places where change is most required, for we aren’t used to looking that deeply.

This has been true of my own experience as well. It seems for years I’ve been focused on finding that place within myself that guides me from the energy of love, passion, pure connection through the heart of my soul to those people, things, activities and experiences that honor my being, light up my energy and speak the language of my soul. I’ve known for so long that I must CHOOSE change, which I did and I have, and yet it has still taken years to really come to this place where I feel that focus manifesting. While it appears from this vantage point that the transformation is moving at a rapid pace–and indeed it does feel so too–the reality is this space of my life in which the changes are happening with lightning speed is merely a step far down the road in the process of CHOOSING, in the focus of ‘I want to.’

I realized just how quickly it’s all been moving when I took time to be still as I worked with two beautiful women recently. The first was Shelly Wilson, a Reiki master from whom I received long distance healing last week. Very little was required of me–to just lie down and relax. Rather than lie in silence, which I love, I chose to have random music playing softly in the background. The Universe certainly had a hand in the entire experience in a way I’ve not felt before with long distance healing or focused intention. Without any knowledge of what Shelly was doing on her end, I felt the energy move through each one of my chakras, stirring emotions, cleansing residues, radiantly shining as it moved through me. I was acutely aware of its path, and learned only later that as I was experiencing this, Shelly was working to cleanse and activate each chakra. The dialogue she sent to me of what was occurring on her end during the session was remarkably similar to what I was feeling. I’m amazed still at the miraculous connection of it. And I was equally amazed how wonderful it felt to just even lie down and take a space of time out of this fast-moving space I’ve been in for several months. A gentle reminder from my being that rest is needed. Growth is desired, but rest is an integral part of the process. Ah, I’d forgotten how to rest in this way, and the work with Shelly was step one in remembering, honoring.

The second came through a very lovingly guided live session with Fay Hart. I’m still learning about her work, but just the bit of time we spent together created an enormous shift in how I communicate with my body. This work is desperately needed in our culture today, for we’ve disassociated with the wisdom and pure truth present in our bodies. And even more so, what we do experience as pain or discomfort, we’ve learned to respond with the desire to ‘fix’ or ‘get rid of’ it. The mind had to be quieted in order to allow the body her turn to speak. Tears welled up as I heard Fay say ‘your body is learning to trust you.’ Yes, she is. Thank you. It was a true AHA! moment.

This process with Fay also felt very much like the next step of the shadow work we’ve all had to do in order to become our whole selves. Now we are embracing the ‘darkness’ of our physical discomfort, welcoming it–and in doing so shining the love and healing of Light into its place.

Time with each of these women felt like a gift of awareness, an opening into something deeper within myself. These gentle reminders of who I am and what my WHOLE being needs from this ‘new’ perspective brought an awareness and richness of being I’d not felt before. We are body, mind, soul–and it’s time to embrace, honor and welcome the full aspects of all. It’s time to integrate ALL of who we are on so many levels. For as we allow ourselves to become ONE, we lovingly send that energy into the world, realizing ALL is ONE. Love to you my friends…xoxo


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