What it Means

Written to the Whispering Energy community & those who are joining together in the Revolution4Evolution. Sent with love to all who honor the light within and take action on behalf of the Divine.

My heart is filled with gratitude. As I consider the energy behind the Revolution4Evolution, there is a sense of connecting with the sacred. Do you realize my friends, that we are pioneers of change? We are on the forefront of revolutionizing how people connect heart-to-heart with intention to bring Divine love & healing into this world. Contemplating the full reality of this truth is humbling, is it not? Opening to the richness that will come through honoring the call of our souls will indeed bring change into our lives and so the lives of those around us.

Consider the deep level of connecting and transforming we will share as we come together thrice weekly not only to hear and experience the wisdom of the world’s leading Sacred Activists, but also to take down our walls as we meet each other eye to eye, heart to heart, soul to soul. We are being given the opportunity to actively engage and process the ancient, sacred truths and the power they have to reorder our lives. We are being given the gift of soul companionship, spiritual community, networks of grace without ever having to leave the comfort of our homes. We are laying a foundation of change that will expand into the world around us even when we are unaware of its loving spirals. We ARE choosing to step up and be LOVE in ACTION.

Caroline Myss teaches about ‘souls with stamina,’ required to navigate through the challenges our lives will bring on a day to day basis. This journey on which we are embarking together, as ONE is our entrance into the alchemical container which will transform our beings. As we do so, our souls become strengthened, able to move beyond the ‘reptiles’ that desire to enter the interior of the castle that is our deepest sacred space. We will connect to its illuminating glow of grace and Divine love.

Here’s what’s true my friends–we are fully engaging the Divine Feminine, welcoming her to awaken what has for too long been asleep. As we call her into the depths of our beings, we are simultaneously welcoming her to infuse the core of our planet with love and healing. In the words of Kirsten Laulainen, the Revolution4Evolution is indeed the call to all Lightworkers. The time is now. Thank you my friends, for answering.

I’m elated and humbled to be sharing this journey with you. Each of you brings your own unique gift into this space and together we will share and honor who we are, standing tall with confidence and speaking out loud our truths. Thank you for your courage, your commitment and most of all your openness. Looking forward to connecting with each one of you. All my love….xoxo

Revolution4Evolution begins Monday, September 12th. All are invited to join us.

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Inspiring fiery passion through soul connection. Lover, Seducer, Awakener, Firestarter, Visionary. #kissingthesacred

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