Truth Beyond Illusion

Oriah Mountain Dreamer–I’ve seen her name frequently appear with words of wisdom and inspiration throughout the pages of Facebook. Always I’m intrigued by what is shared in connection to Oriah Mountain Dreamer…and always her name has felt familiar. I realized why, as I recently revisited some books I’d read years ago, one that drew my attention was The Dance–by Oriah Mountain Dreamer. It’s now sitting here on my desk because I want to once again touch the grace of this book, summarized as “Moving to the Rhythms of Your True Self.” And as I begin to write this post today,  the words printed on the cover of The Dance catch my eye:

What if the question is not why am I so infrequently the person I really want to be, but why do I so infrequently want to be the person I really am?

From this we must ask ourselves a question that will plunge our attention deep into the heart of who we are: What is it that seduces me into becoming something other than my authentic self? And then–how do I know when I am or am not being authentic?

Take this opportunity to remind yourself of what is true for YOU. Remember the integrity of your values, the truth of your spirit, the call of your soul. Honor these. For all too often we will be tempted to step away from our true selves, abandoning our purest presence in favor of what seems to be more appealing–be it companionship and acceptance by others, an easier way to get where we wish to go, or a full out rejection of who we are in favor of something or someone else.

All too often the energy that draws us away from being ‘the person I really am’ is an illusion. And the journey into our selves, the process of building ‘souls with stamina’ is that of learning to grasp the difference between reality and that which appears to be real. The mind cannot always discern, yet the heart, the inner voice can. ALWAYS. Perhaps we are not always listening. Our mind chatter can convince us of nearly anything when we aren’t in tune with our compass of truth. That my friends, is why we must be doing ‘the work’ on a regular basis–the work of knowing who we are, what we believe and why, honoring those ‘hits’ we are continually receiving.

So if there is a lesson in today’s message, it’s this: take the time to see the truth beyond illusion. Check in with your self, listen. And learn to understand why you might not want to be who you are. For as long as you live without peace and connection to YOU, you will always be willing to buy into the illusion. And truly, what could be better than ‘moving to the rhythms of your true self?’ Isn’t this what we desire most at the core of our being? I’m looking forward to reconnecting with The Dance….




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7 thoughts on “Truth Beyond Illusion”

  1. Oriah is a wonderful woman, and I’ve a couple of her books as my “favorites” – particularly, The Invitation. One of the joys of Facebook has been the ability to have conversation with her. I find her a thoughtful, charming woman 🙂

    Becoming my “authentic” self has become much easier over the last several years…I think it’s been one of the unforeseen results of experiencing a Dark Night. After a while, it no longer matters what anyone else thinks or says – all that matters is that I am true to myself. Thanks for the lovely reminder!

  2. Jackie, I appreciate you sharing your light too. Together, we grow. Individually, we do too. It becomes a more amazing journey as I yield to this truth.

    I would love to assist you with subscribing to my blog… however, I must say I am experiencing gliches. It is only a few weeks old. I am actually transferring from wordpress to simply

    Please visit and let me know if you have better success there. Seeking assistance from wordpress. Meanwhile, please continue to grow with luvenlightens from infancy to maturity. Live lightly!


    1. If it helps, Angel, there are ‘widgets’ that allow users to subscribe to your blog. You can find/add them on the dashboard under ‘appearance/widgets.’ Hope this helps and I’ll continue to look forward to your posts….xoxo

  3. Great blog on the authentic self! Loved the question presented. I am inspired to share this with friends in my community who battle with this very question. So many of us do, striving to overcome conformity and issues of social conditioning.

    1. Thank you…and please do share in any way you feel led. Loved your blog and I’d like to subscribe, however I wasn’t able to find the ‘subscribe’ button aside from ‘follow us on email.’ Perhaps you could help?

      The journey to authenticity is a lifelong one indeed. We continue to grow more and more into who we are by making even the smallest of choices that remains true to our feelings, our desires, our beliefs. Together we move forward….thank you for being part of this space and sharing your light. Much love to you…xoxo

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