Savoring the Moment

Sometimes it’s easy to take your own accomplishments for granted. So any time you’ve created something from the heart, whether it be a poem, an article, a painting and so on, pause for a moment. Take that moment to reflect back on the amount of thought, effort, time and heart that went into the creation of what you’ve done. By doing this, you’ll be able to savor within that moment, that feeling of accomplishment that you’ve earned as a result of your efforts. Your moments of accomplishments are moments of replenishment, so capitalize on those moments because much positive energy within is to be gained from savoring those moments. ~ Friends for Soul

This post I read today really spoke to me on so many levels. As I’ve contemplated what to share in this space, the words shared by Friends for Soul seemed to cry out with a sacredness that begged to be passed on to all of you. There is much wisdom, truth and grace in this short message, but let us move through it at a slower pace, allowing each gift to really sink into our being.

First of all, too often we don’t ‘see’ who we are, the abilities we have been given, the ways in which we are blessed to touch the world. Because whatever our specific skills may be, we consider them to be given to all, failing to see the beauty of our authentic being. Even if there is another who can ‘do what you do’–it’s not with your spirit, your energy, your passion and your unique way of doing it. There is not another who is like you and has come into this lifetime to live your purpose. When we fully embrace this, we begin to honor who we are and hold our gifts as sacred.

I then love the practice of stepping back to see and savor your creation. This is actually welcoming the energy of your heart to be infused into your being, your creation, your offering to the world. And here’s what’s true friends, we are all here to offer something to the world–no matter how ‘simple’ or ‘quiet’ it may seem, or how ‘great’ or ‘grandiose’ it appears. Each one of us is here with the grace of the Universe available to us as we live out our truth and allow ourselves to be used on behalf of the Divine. How else do we do this except to connect to the passion of our hearts, the sacredness of our souls and the brilliance of our beings?

And finally–at least ‘finally’ in this moment–is the message that our ability to honor, embrace and SEE fully the creations of our hearts and souls becomes the source of ‘replenishment’ to our inner core. As we more and more connect to this space, we more and more allow ourselves to create from the energy of loving presence, to be channels of love, vessels of light shared around the globe.

There is such reverence in this practice. And it breeds a sense of purpose, of Divine service and awareness we are sanctuaries of the Universe here to positively uplift and impact our world. As each of us allows ourselves to be as such, we become those points of light, creating a web of loving consciousness that spans the globe.

Thank you Friends for Soul…for your inspiration and heart connection today. xo


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2 thoughts on “Savoring the Moment”

  1. “Because whatever our specific skills may be, we consider them to be given to all, failing to see the beauty of our authentic being.”
    This really hit home with me today. Thank you so much for your wisdom!

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