Aura Soma of the Soul

Aura-Soma is a form of color therapy, energy work and “soul therapy” that supports you spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically.

Jewels in a bottle. That’s how the English woman and creator of Aura Soma, Vicky Wall visualized these beautiful liquid colors captured in tiny bottles, filled with potent energy to awaken your soul’s essence. You can see from the photo how bright and vibrant they are, and as you allow yourself to focus on the one that draws your attention, there is something within that bottle–within the very vibration of those colors calling out to you from the depths of your being. The voice of our spirit guides us as we work with the colors, taking us on an inner journey of who we are, what we are here to shine, teach, share, heal and how we go about stepping fully into that truth.

I worked this week with Dr. Tina van Leuven of Inner Delight, and the beautiful Aura Soma colors. It was as though we were three there, in our own little Skype space–Tina, me and the ‘jewels’ themselves. The process is quite amazing, as you bring with the colors ‘chosen for you’ through the date of your birth. To me, this is the fate we are born into. It’s the map of who we are, similar to our birth chart in astrology. Much is revealed through these colors and the energies they represent. We see what we have come here as and how that can impact our lives.

But even more empowering and healing was the opportunity to CHOOSE the colors that called out to my being. And it’s almost miraculous how this happens, that we so deeply resonate with colors in a bottle as part of who we are. There is an unspoken communication being shared between us. These colors, their brilliance, their pairings together (such as magenta on top/purple on bottom) and their LIVE vibrations call out to us, as though we are ‘remembering’ the truth of our soul’s inner knowing. These colors that we CHOOSE are as though we are looking straight into our destiny.

Destiny = Fate + Choice

As I listened to Tina sharing each one’s message with me, there were times emotions came unexpectedly, revealing spaces where a shift in my belief system was needed, and in fact began occurring in that very instant. It was powerfully awakening, and I find myself in absolute delight with what I am learning about my own journey and how I can CHOOSE to step even more fully into who I am. RIGHT NOW!

I’m always intrigued to learn more about navigating this journey, to understand how to connect more intimately to the essence of who I am. Sharing this time with Tina brought about a rapid shift and reminded me once again through a lovely conversation with my friend Anthony Hidalgo that we can heal as fast as we choose. Gone is the old paradigm that we must enter years of therapy, or suffer weeks of agony wondering how this came to be, what we must do to release it, etc. We can simply choose to see it for what it is and to let go of all old residues around it–and trust the Universe is supporting us through the process with loving grace.

Consider for yourself which colors speak to you…and however it is you choose to do so, take the time to understand how these jewels of your soul call out to your from the depths of your being and through the whispers of your heart. xo

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