Creating My Reality

It’s happening once again, and I can hardly believe it! Each time one of my heart’s dreams begins to manifest, I must admit–I’m delightedly surprised!

Nearly seven years ago I wrote for a metaphysical newspaper here in Atlanta. Each article was filled with rich content, linking readers to spiritual and healing providers and services locally available. For quite some time, I found great fulfillment in this work and loved connecting to a variety of people and experiences. After some time though, I realized one of my greatest desires was to be a columnist who responded to questions sent in by readers. But I was young in my work, the paper already featured Louise Hay’s column, and there was very little possibility of replacing HER! Understandably so.

That dream has stayed alive and well within my heart, although perhaps set aside a bit to mature and receive nourishment from my own journey along the way. As I’ve been preparing for a radio program conversation with my dear friend Shelly Wilson, we’ve been talking about my work and the idea for writing a column has come full circle, only this time with the full possibility of being realized!

I must tell you all how absolutely thrilled I am to be connecting to this passion inside my heart–in REAL time. Being able to interact in this way with a large base of readers/viewers is such a gift, and one that also allows me to continue with my love of writing and sharing wisdom. Please do send in your thoughts, your questions, your heart’s desires, and let’s get the dialogue started! The more we connect to the truth of our hearts, the greater a channel we become for the Divine beings that we are.

To learn more about the Guidance Column, please visit here. And loved ones–KEEP DREAMING!

Sending my love to you all! xo

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Inspiring fiery passion through soul connection. Lover, Seducer, Awakener, Firestarter, Visionary. #kissingthesacred

4 thoughts on “Creating My Reality”

    1. Thank you Joss. We had an interesting gathering yesterday in which the focus was ‘dreaming’ and it made me realize the dream is really connecting ‘heart to heart’ with others. The means of doing it are merely the symantecs. I’m blessed to be connected to my own heart and strong enough to follow my truth….and wish the same for others. xoxo

I always love to hear your thoughts....xx

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