Coming ‘Home’

I wrote recently about the heartbreak of letting go of our children as they grow into the young adults they are meant to become. And I thank each of you for your loving response and warm wishes, as well as for being there to listen and witness my experience. There is something that eases the difficult moments of our lives when we are able to share it with others in a very open and honest way.

There is yet another deep symbolism in this new chapter of our lives, as today I will be going to pick our daughter up from college so she can come home for the weekend. It’s been near two months since she was here last. College life, new friends and experiences called out to her and she was captured fully by the ‘newness’ of being out on her own. As I think about her returning today and the energy surrounding it for us all, I am reminded of what it means for us all to ‘come home.’

We are spiritual beings having a human experience. And so while we call this Earth and various points around her surface our ‘home,’ it’s not the houses, the cities, the furniture or our location that bring to us inner peace. The sense of being in a space where we most belong comes from within. We feel it when we allow ourselves to connect to the soul of who we are, to the embrace and loving guidance of our Divine Mother and Father. We are most ‘at home’ when we remember who we are and see ourselves as Divine beings–just because we ARE.

This will be true for our daughter when she comes home this weekend as well. She’ll feel this to be a place where there is food, shelter, love and nourishment for her being–on many levels. Something within her will be returning to her own sense of who she is, grounding and centering her once again so she can return to her Earth home as herself. Isn’t that what ‘home’ means to us all my friends?

Sending love to each of you….xoxo


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8 thoughts on “Coming ‘Home’”

  1. 🙂 I hope you had a wonderful visit with your daughter, Jackie!! I spent all day on Saturday with mine, and it was so rewarding. Just the little things now fill me with such joy after having been apart for so long.

    1. Thank you Janece….it was quite lovely. Watching them grow up, become themselves and honor who they are is an amazing experience. I understand–‘the little things’ filling you with joy. And I must say, there IS something about not having to be fully responsible for their well-being anymore. A different level of connection, relating, openness is able to flow into that old space of dependency. Glad you had a beautiful day with your daughter as well. Cherish these moments. xoxo

    1. In the words of our daughter: ‘I love coming home from college, because I get treated like a queen!’ Shouldn’t it be true for us all to feel so loved upon returning to the center of our being? xo

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