LOVE…Is All There Is

is all there is.

She is the whispers of our hearts
The rhythm of our breath.

She is the rising of the waves
The roar of their break upon the shore.

She is the branch of a tree
With arms outstretched
In honor to her presence.

She is the soft and gentle voice
We hear in the quietest of moments.

LOVE is all there is.

She is the warmth of embrace
The comfort of a smile.

She is the silence of morning
Kissed with dew.

She is the laughter of a child
Delighted with her own presence.

She is the beauty of the rose
Opening to welcome warmth of sunshine
To the center of her blossom.

LOVE is all there is.

She is the sparkle of our eyes
Window of who we are.

She is the beating of our hearts
Life force of our being.

She is the tears on our cheeks
Taking down our walls.

She is the guidance of our souls
Compelling us to take action on her behalf.

She is the light of our spirits
Honoring ourselves and others.

LOVE is all there is.

She is the force that drives us onward
Gives us purpose
Sparks our fire
Soothes our pain
Lights our creativity
Supports the fullness of our being.

Is ALL there is.


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Inspiring fiery passion through soul connection. Lover, Seducer, Awakener, Firestarter, Visionary. #kissingthesacred

16 thoughts on “LOVE…Is All There Is”

    1. Helen, with deep gratitude I thank you for this note. One of my heart’s desires is to share inspiration, for I believe it brings us closer to the beauty in one another. Thank you for being here and sharing in this space – for as you do, you also lend your love and beauty to us all. Love to you….xoxo

I always love to hear your thoughts....xx

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