Transformation Through Discomfort

Fear. Ugh. Just the word itself stirs something unpleasant within, does it not?

I’ve often thought of someone being ‘stuck in fear’ as something obvious and so clearly holding them back. And yet, fear itself does seem to be making a quiet, but consistently subtle appearance in my journey just now. Generally, I don’t consider myself one to be afraid of going within, moving through the places that attempt to hold me still. We tend to think of fear as something that stares us glaringly in the face. That’s not how it seems to be happening for me here.

You’ve all witnessed and celebrated with me the dreams that have come to life over the last year. It seems that things I would only have imagined could be true found animation and took shape in ways that amazed and inspired me. Another is on the threshold of being created and realized – and it carries with it an enormous opportunity for expansion in nearly every way I desire.

Fear has made herself known to me in the quietest of ways: posts that catch my attention on FB. Quotes and messages I hear or read that stand out. One recently was that our lives truly begin at the place of our discomfort. And while I’m not feeling any ‘wound’ I’m still reminded of Rumi’s beautiful and sacred truth: ‘The wound is the place where the light enters you.’ And so it is. I’m even feeling a restlessness as I share with you all now.

In order to step forward into this next phase of my journey, I MUST be willing and choose to look fully into the face of some of my deepest insecurities – and a few of my greatest soul fears. I was touched deeply by Zendictive’s post today: pearls of wisdom. As Art shared so eloquently about the oyster’s ‘irritations’ of grit that enter his shell, the reality of those becoming beautiful pearls really sank in. Perhaps the language around this all doesn’t matter so much: fears, insecurities, irritations. The truth beneath it all remains the same – when we are in this space, we are truly in a pattern of tremendous growth – if we allow it to be so. If we let the voice of our inner truth speak to us, whisper her wisdom into our spirit, then we can step even more into the authenticity of who we are. Then we can open ourselves to more fully embrace the Divine purpose of our lives.

In our Mysticism course with Caroline Myss, she taught that when we feel most uncomfortable is when we are in the greatest position of sacred growth. The discomfort is stretching us to reach into the cores of our soul and find another pearl of who we are. That my friends is where I believe many of us will find ourselves as we move forward into this new age of spiritual evolutionary consciousness on our planet. I encourage you: embrace it. Let the irritations become the greatest treasure of your spirit, let the discomfort bring forth the golden light of your being, allow the voice of your soul’s truth to calm the ego’s fears. And together, we will move forward and honor the Divine Life that lives within each one of us and around our Earth.

Invite the light to enter you….however she will.

Much love to you…xo


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19 thoughts on “Transformation Through Discomfort”

  1. Oh Joss, I do know that’s true! It’s these spaces of our journeys that sometimes bring the greatest inner connection to yet another layer of who we truly are. Feeling blessed to share this journey with you. xoxo

    1. I loved this post you wrote, my friend – and I’m so glad you shared it here. Relates so beautifully and perfectly. Direct in the center of our own inner upheaval and uncertainty – that is where we find the richest parts of our soul. Thank you for sharing….xoxo

  2. There’s something very freeing about facing our fears – about getting down there in our shadow self and sitting for awhile. If we follow that fear, we usually find a point of pain…of hurt….of some damage done that we’ve covered up or accommodated for.

    The hardest thing in the world is to try to be something we are not….

    And fear, in and of itself, is not a bad thing. I think it gets a bad wrap because of some of it’s applications. However, fear can be a healthy internal warning system that is trying to grab our attention.

    Whatever it is that you think you fear, Jackie, I’m guessing that like most of our fears – 80% of it will “never happen’ πŸ™‚

    Hang in there! Transformation is painful as hell. Just as a caterpillar!

    1. It’s ironic, though isn’t it – that sometimes our fear is that we’ll be EXACTLY what we wish? That we’ll meet our greatest dream face-to-face – and will have to rise to the occasion. There is that inner fear of ‘what if’ – what if I don’t, can’t or do it wrong? So true what you say my dear friend – the fears are generally empty and without fruition. I’m surrendering these, honoring the discomfort and allowing the caterpillar to continue in her process! xoxo

  3. Beautiful writing Jackie – I feel that Fear – and discomfort are signs of a learning curve – soul wise – heart wise – And to be mindful of this sensation and present in the moment – is one of the keys – You Really write beautifully – Soulfully and with a transparency i admire deeply πŸ™‚ xo Love Love Love xx C

    1. I just listened to This song again Jackie xo by a Canadian artist – and it fit with Your inspired empathic writing – also a reference to Henry Miller – as i was telling You – You so remind me of a more Modern – Anais Nin –
      “She’s courageous but scared to death -But That’s what COURAGE means ….” love you,,,,,,,,,,,, You are always in my thoughts xo

    2. Cat….you are such love. Always you feel deep in the heart of yourself just what I’m meaning to convey. Love you. I’ll check these links you’ve left….and I’m sending you gratitude for your warmth, sweetness and support. xoxoxo

  4. a beautifully written part of your heart…
    First; I am honored that you found tools to help you in my post today and the funny thing is I wasn’t going to post it. I wasn’t happy with it, but something told me to post it anyway. (!_!)

    Second; I could fill your eyes with wisdom lines like; There is nothing to fear but fear itself or Fear is the stone which keeps the mind sharp. But I am not you and I can not guide you away from fear so I won’t try. What I will do is be here for you if you need some one to discuss your inner flames that seem to burn and hurt you, or perhaps they are lighting your way.

    Third: myself, my wife says that my only flaw is that I have no fear. I do not know if this is because I have trained in martial arts for more than 18 years and become a well respected third degree black belt. I feel that is training for my job as a prison guard where some of the worlds most vicious and vile humans are housed. I walk among them with-out fear however I do stay sharp, but I think more so, I do not fear death in the least. I have led a full life and I know my fate after I am gone. Knowledge is the key to acceptance and acceptance is the key to tranquility and tranquility is the key to enlightenment.

    I did not mean for this comment to go so long, but when I feel a friend is in need, I am there. Even if it is an internet Friend that I know not so well. It is better to extend an open hand and help someone than it is to swing a closed fist and strike someone. It is easier to open a hand and help some one up and a closed hand can not do this. You need something, hollar. Fear is like a shadow that lurks in the mind, it whispers things that cloud your judgment. But the thing about fear itself, shine a light on it and face fear, face to face is the first step in getting fear to leave. The more you allow it to be a shadow in your mind, the longer it will be there. (Dang, I made a whole post on your comments, I apologize.)

    bows (~_~) humble….~Art

    1. Art – so glad you ‘posted it anyway.’ The words you shared were just what my heart needed to hear – to feel, to receive. Thank you for your presence, for holding space for not only me but so many of us as we take this journey of conscious, authentic purpose. The beauty of this ‘fear’ is that I’m aware of her, we are walking this space together–and I carry with me the flashlight of willingness to know and see, shining into the dark corners where sometimes the greatest shadows are projected by the smallest fears. I’m grateful for our connection, your warmth and all the caring wisdom you shared in your comment. No apologies required. Thank you my friend…..for sharing the light of your spirit. xoxo

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