Ebb & Flow

Hello my beautiful soul companions. Although it’s been some time since I’ve written, I’ve visited here often and spent a few moments with each of you and the energy of this space we share together. I’m wondering how your own journeys have been, as I know mine feels to be in a continual state of transition. Some would say it’s the shift we are all encountering at this very pivotal time in our Earth’s–and indeed our entire Universe’s history. Others would venture that perhaps it’s the natural ‘mid-life’ movement we will all experience as we approach ’40.’ And then there’s the life changes we are personally undergoing, with our own children more and more becoming young adults rather than children. I think, perhaps, the list could go on endlessly–not only for me, but for us all. When in reality, the truth must be that life is a perpetual state of being–being present to all that is moving, transitioning, transforming and shifting around us on a daily basis.

Even the daylight we enjoy is in continual motion. For we welcome the dawning stream of light each morning, only to usher in moonlight’s womb with the darkness. And with the changing of seasons there is a new dance of daylight that plays upon us. Storms roll in at times, bringing in the grey and darkness, offering to us the quietude of inner contemplation. We even change our clocks to accommodate the amount of light that shines into each day, and to make best use of her presence with us.

Why then would we not walk in step with this evolution of light? We are light beings ourselves, attuned to the brilliance of Divine presence as much as to the radiance of the sun’s warmth and shining rays. Evolution is a part of our being, our journey here on this planet. The light we carry within moves, shifts, shines, dims–remaining in a constant state of flux. It’s an intricate rhythm being kept between our souls and the day-to-day life of Earth school.

And so to each of us I offer this: Let the music move you. Allow yourself to ebb and flow with the movement of waves upon the shore. For what you find when the tide washes in, is the opportunity to start anew; to see with fresh eyes the potential and expansion within your spirit that is as tremendous as the specks of sand that grace the coastal shores.

All my love to each of you….xoxo


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Inspiring fiery passion through soul connection. Lover, Seducer, Awakener, Firestarter, Visionary. #kissingthesacred

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