Miracle of a Moment

In each moment lives the promise of something that can change your life, shift your perspective, bring you closer to the truth of who you are. It’s all about how we approach the moment, how we open ourselves to connecting to the power that is inherently present in its space.

I’m feeling this on so many levels in my life. Yesterday marked 20 years since my first date with George–in the tiniest opening of that one moment that our hearts connected, worlds changed inside each of us. We realized on some level that we would spend our lives together, create a family, traverse through much heartbreak and extraordinary celebrations. Even if our minds hadn’t yet caught up to the inner knowing that was guiding our paths, there was something much deeper at work between us–all in the space of a moment.

From another perspective, I’m savoring each moment of these few days remaining before we are full force into the momentum of the holidays with family arriving to visit on Thursday and remaining until after Christmas in our home. This, of course, shifts the energy in this serene little sanctuary we’ve created for ourselves, and so the moments that follow will be in a much different atmosphere. And yet, I know…the miracles are possible in EVERY moment, not just the ones that ‘feel’ nice. So as much as I love my quiet, orderly home, I also am reminding myself of the joy, love and connection that will be funneling into this space with each bit of laughter and sentiment of love that is to come. I’m savoring these remaining moments of quiet, stillness….and also honoring that there are days of family sharing to follow. Each one carries its own precious gifts.

Just before coming here to write, I watched the following video of a baby bat being cared for by humans after having been abandoned by his mother. As I found myself lost in the awe of watching this miracle of life being so honored, loved and nurtured, the tears started to form. In the sacred space of a moment, that bat found such warmth in being offered the loving care that his mother couldn’t provide. His story touched my heart in an instant, as love filled my entire being like the hot stream of grace. It happened without a thought, without action. Love can shift our course so quickly, can’t it?

So to you, sweet friends, I offer this reminder: savor the moments you have. Not out of fear for the ones you might not have, but through openness to the power of love and all She can bring you. We don’t know what miracles each moment may hold for us. Open yourself, listen to your heart as she whispers love’s language and allow the moment to completely enfold you. xoxo


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16 thoughts on “Miracle of a Moment”

  1. Thank you for the beautiful post. In this hectic time of year it was a wonderful reminder to cherish each moment. I cherish just reading your blog. Blessings.

    1. Thank you for your warmth Ginny. So true – this time of year can become filled up with busy-ness…and yet there is so much love to be felt and shared if we just pause and honor the beauty of each moment. Your comments make me smile…so glad to have you here. xoxo

    1. i know i still feel it —— something amazing about Right Now – ———— It’s a miraculous day πŸ™‚ Heart heart Heart – Open – at peace – in awe …… xo
      I love You xo

        1. and You my sweet – do we get up at the same time πŸ™‚ I think so —— πŸ™‚ Your energy has been a very important cornerstone – this year …. I have gravitated to You for a reason – i don’t know why yet – but that’s wonderful …… Love just IS !
          Huggs and more huggs

  2. Beautiful Jackie ! I got such a feeling of happiness and wonder when i just read and listened / watched – Happy Anticipation for You – Like when You are a kid on Christmas morning! Love Love Love and never ending Miracles to You and Your Family . Love You . xo

    ” Love can shift our course so quickly, can’t it?” ……
    Love You xx

    1. Sweet Cat – Love can indeed. It is the most powerful essence we can ever encounter. When we seek to fill the space with something else, we are missing the signs of love that are waiting for our acknowledgment and acceptance. All my love to you….xoxo

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