Staying True

We can’t possibly know what Life will bring to us each day…nor even begin to understand what our response to each moment might be. One note of guidance I would offer: ‘stay true to you.’ 

It’s all too easy to get caught up in what might be best for someone else, how we can make them feel good or better–to see how they need to be more at peace, joy, rest within themselves and attempt to alter our choices in order to assist them in accomplishing that state of being. Yet, no matter what we do for someone else–these are gifts we are unable to give as they truly come from deep within

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Perhaps this is one of Life’s greatest lessons to learn–Honor the beauty and grace that is YOU. I’ve mentioned before that years ago my family said to me to choose what was best for me, and trust that as the mother of my children it would be what is best for them too. The ‘best’ in this case is that which whispers to us from the purity of our own hearts. When we are in tune with that frequency, we position ourselves to follow the Divine guidance being sent to us in each moment. 

We cannot gift well being to others. But what we CAN do is to honor the voice we each carry from within, and through that journey, we will certainly enhance the lives of those around us–whether we are able to see the impact or not. As we allow our own light to shine, we increase the light that shines from those whom we touch. This is truth, my friends. As we choose to heal, we also increase the healing present in those we love. When we are open to the abundance of the Universe, somehow that impacts the abundance flowing into the lives with whom we connect. 

I choose Life, Love, Joy. I choose to honor each emotion that creeps into my awareness without judgment. I choose ‘staying true’ to the fullness of who I am. And I claim the consciousness that my choices do indeed affect the WHOLE. For it is truth that we are indeed ONE. As I stay true to me, I honor the truth that is you. 

May we each allow the Light of who we are to shine brightly. Namaste’, dear ones: I see the light in you. 

Much love. 

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Inspiring fiery passion through soul connection. Lover, Seducer, Awakener, Firestarter, Visionary. #kissingthesacred

26 thoughts on “Staying True”

  1. Beautiful writing, full of wisdom. I too agree. Ultimately, it all comes down to our “choices” every moment of our lives. Glad to know that you choose to live, love… I too! Choose to be good.

    May you have a great time ahead. 🙂

  2. Your words are so beautifully written … it’s as if a higher power had to slip inside you to make sure they got on to this blog!

    I am honored that you visited my blog and plan to do the ‘No Comfort Zone Challenge.’ My world keeps getting richer because of people like you!

    1. Thank you for your warmth, my friend. Something in this challenge speaks to me from my soul – as I know even the ‘littlest’ guidance is really a whisper from our hearts, from the Divine, leading us into a space where we can be authentic and indeed be used as a channel of love and healing. Although the hesitations continue to try to take over, I am at the same time feeling such energy around this challenge. Following Joss’s link to your post….perhaps one of the best gifts I’ll receive this holiday season. Perfect timing….Divine guidance. Looking forward to the journey that is ahead. Thank you for sending out the call….xoxo

  3. Last Dialogue before Christmas !
    You got me to the T – Miss Jackie Love ……. I was just creating an image that says LIVE OUT LOUD ! seriously — what is up with that – It was going to be for my next post when i come back from Ottawa ! You Read my Heart —- The image is not done – It takes me forever ! But i am sending You This xo “Zooropa ” “she’s gonna dream in a world she wants to live in – she’s gonna Dream Out Loud ” ……….. Deeper into the heart than ever – i love you and send you huggs and peace and beautiful solace – During the coming Days —–
    Yours xoxoxoxoxooxo
    Merry Christmas – 2 days early —— but i am not bringing my computer to my parents house ! 🙂 so Huggs xo xo xo xo

    1. Sweet Cat…

      OUT LOUD and from the heart….these seem to be the key. Love our dialogue, our connection and the authenticity of your soul. Thank you for this journey, this year, this time and your openness. I’m wishing you and your family a very MERRY Christmas and for you all the warmth, joy, love that 2012 will surely bring your way. Happy Holidays dear friend and soul sister. All my love to you. xoxo

  4. Cat….I adore Teresa of Avila and her ‘The Interior Castle’ also redone by Caroline Myss as ‘Entering the Castle.’ She is an amazing saint and mystic and I’m in awe that the two of us are connecting to these women. Love you. xoxo

    1. Hi my sweet —– I looked up the book you are reading – amazing stuff – Time for Input——- listening reading to The New — Yes Caroline Myss —– i love her too- I am reading Saint Theresa’s autobiography – it’s such an intimate dialogue with God – Whatever God we believe in – I think that is what we need when we create – Like i read above – The quote about “The Tiny pencil ….Mother Theresa ……” it is so true …….. “Staying True ” By Jackie L Robinson …….. You see how it all – connects — 🙂 and You always say Other people INSPIRE you ——- Take a good look ——— YOU are The inspiring Voice —– and as someone whom has never MET – You – only known you through your words and intentions – I see with Eyes wide Open that this is a ripening time for You …….
      Indeed You are That “Tiny Pencil ” ………. and that is what a true soul/ artist / writer does – write / create from that inner dialogue —–
      Huge Hugs and ps- i just heard Your Youtube Intro – on your channel ——- It was so nice To hear Your Voice ….. Your Truest self is so Blooming – i am so happy for you ……… I am a Jackie L . Robinson Enthusiast ……. and i will remain this way – because I see ……… The beauty unfolding before my eyes —–
      Love You so much —— xo

      1. Sweet Cat….always your dialogues are conversations with my soul. Please share the name of the book you’re reading, as I’d like to check it out. So very true that Divine inspiration is what we most need to tap into our purest creativity. Thank you for your love. I truly adore you. And perhaps even more so – thank you for *seeing me. You do see so clearly….with eyes of love, but eyes that see through the lens of your soul.

        YOU inspire me. I love you. xoxo

        1. HI—— Hope You had a good Day ! Yes we do have Dialogues don’t we ….:) I love that about You and I …..There is nothing restrained from our conversations – I see you and you see me …… It’s that simple …..This is the link to the autobiography from Amazon —-
          I found my copy at a Catholic book shop — where they had large print copies …lol 🙂 You can scan through the first pages – Mysticism to me – means straight from the Heaven that lives in all our hearts …You know ? We all have it – but i think sometimes we are scared to access it – for fear of being judged – or thought too eccentric – or whatever ! Writing or creating from the heart is the way – for me – if my heart has nothing to say – or i am not connected for some reason – i don’t create – cuz then it’s just my busy mind -or my ego trying to jump in to get approval . so not into that anymore – As long as we stay TRUE – like You are – and i am – then beauty springs up when it is needed – not forced….. I love You ————- and as we approach Christmas – i just wanna write that the minute we connected whilst i was on fb- i felt – Who is this Woman ? Why do i feel such a magnet to magnet feeling towards her ? She must have tons to teach me …….
          And all of that has rung TRUE – You see ——- 🙂
          I love what is True in Life and in connection – Truth Truth Truth – Love and words like Yours – command my attention – and I love that ……and i have not felt that about many women in my life —– so – I guess – the divine feminine is TRUE in Your Heart as it is in Mine ….

          I love You and thank You for letting me dialogue with You in this intimate way –
          Happy almost Christmas —– 🙂
          Huge huggs from Toronto ——– to Georgia !!! heart to heart >><<

  5. “When we are open to the abundance of the Universe, somehow that impacts the abundance flowing into the lives with whom we connect.” 🙂 Loved this. It reminds me of something I say often: The best thing I can do for a poor person, is not to be one!

    Lovely piece, Jackie (by the way, I read The Expected One several years ago. It’s definitely a wonderful book. Next is the sequel:

    1. Thank you Janece. Incidentally…I already have ‘The Book of Love’ on standby. Got it last weekend! You’re so on track – the ‘best thing’ I can do for others is to choose what works for me. And that will uplift me and so uplift others. Love to you, my sweet friend. xoxo

    1. Feeling humbled, Joss. Thank you for these kind words. It’s a mystery to me – and clearly something so much greater – that there are some writings that I really do not expect to have the impact they do. Just the other day found a quote by Mother Teresa about ‘writing with God’s pencil.’ It really resonated with me….and so it seems that’s just what happened here as I simply sat down to ‘write.’ The beauty of grace shone through. Much love to you. xoxo

  6. This is your best writing in my eyes Jackie – Strong and Soft at the same time . Earthy and Starry at the same Time . Feels Like You are really being guided by Your own heart – to write such beauty and to share with other hearts – A very Important Message – i read Here …..
    Love You xo

    1. Earthy and starry….love that. I’m currently reading ‘The Expected One’ by Kathleen McGowan, a book focused on the Divinity of Mary Magdalene. It seems to be awakening something deeper inside..and your note of earth and starry reminds me of a piece in the book sharing about a tower built in the Cathar region of France. A tower – chosen because it represents the energy of earth connection while at the same time reaching upward to the heavens.

      Thank you for your beautiful words, and the love you send through them. Certainly it was my heart that wrote this post. as it connects very deeply to something currently at work in my own life. Not always easy to just honor ourselves rather than be committed to the ego’s desire to cultivate approval.

      I’m learning. ; )

      I love YOU, sweet Cat. xoxo

      1. Mary Magdalene !!! Amazing – I have never read that book – but gonna check it out …..She has always been an important figure to me too .. Truly mystical . When You read you dream – and go forwards and backwards through time – And my little tiny view on miss Georgia = You – is that You are Fully Living In Heart – Through Heart and with Heart ….. The Mind is a wonderful thing yes – but it has its traps —- Funny- well not funny but uncanny that You are reading about Her … I am reading about Saint Teresa of Avila Again !
        Mary Magdalene + Saint Theresa – Both Incredibly Heart Centered Woman that REMAIN etched in the hearts of many !!!!!!!
        I love You Too Sweet Jackie ……
        I think You Know It —— 🙂
        No approval needed ……Right ?
        The heart is the most beautiful place on earth when we live there ……100% of the time . It speaks its own truth – some can handle it – and some yes – don’t approve – So What 🙂 🙂
        The heart is the organ that never ever sleeps ——–
        best best best always xo

  7. Fran,

    I’m so glad you did too! There is a warmth that fills my heart in being able to come to this space and share with others. I so appreciate your presence and the love you bring here. I see the light in you. Much love to you….Happy Holidays to you and all your loved ones. xoxo

  8. This is one of your best postings yet. I am still not sure how I found such a great site that fills me with calm and good feelings, but I am so glad I did. You are a great example to many.
    Thanks so much! Have a superior holiday season!

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