I AM….Accepting the Challenge, Too

The challenge: Once each week during 2012, do something that is ‘outside your comfort zone’ and share it on your blogsite.

Generally the words ‘commitment’ and ‘goal’ are not a large part of my vocabulary. The free spirit of feeling energy move through me is something I treasure and can be known to vehemently defend. So this step forward of ‘committing’ to accept the challenge is stirring some seemingly subtle places in my consciousness. As I read Joss’s post about accepting the challenge, her words began to resonate. Specifically this bit: When I read this, my heart called out “yes” and as soon as I responded to her challenge, via comment, my head started asking “what did you just do?”

My own heart began to chime in with the subtlety of a whisper, that perhaps this challenge moves beyond posting, sharing, experiencing and rests much deeper in the guidance of our souls. While at the same time, my mind began to work her magic: doubts, fears, uncertainty. Commit? Say I’ll do it every week? Ugh. How quickly we naturally bypass the voice of our soul and tune in to the mayhem of the mind. 

In working with spiritual teacher Fay Hart, I’m becoming more and more aware of the way my mind steps forward to do what she feels is ‘in my best interest.’ In this case, she (the brilliance of the mind) thought that perhaps this would be too much pressure. And certainly–saying it out LOUD, posting the YES in a place where others will see it is out of the question. There’s no ability to ‘slide by’ in that scenario. She surely felt it was her place to take control of the situation and prevent the anxiety that quietly crept in the back door. 

And yet…with a moment of stillness, of checking in with my heart, I realized that what Marge’s post on the No Comfort Zone challenge was really doing was speaking to me from the Universe. You see, dear friends, our Divine guidance comes in any number of ways. We are spiritual beings walking this journey through Earth School, so of course the language will often be that of the earthling. Marge beautifully served as channel, delivering the message. What has happened from a Universal perspective is that each one of us who take part are choosing to become even more empowered, to walk hand in hand with our fears–to HONOR the truth of our heart’s desires, to HEAR the whispers that are always there with us. We are answering the call, my friends. The call that comes to us from our sacred souls. 

So YES. Out LOUD and with great reverence, I AM accepting the challenge, too. I am committing to this journey that lies open before me. I am touching even more deeply the heart of Jackie and the light of her spirit. 

I welcome you to join me, whether you are part of the blogging community or a friend who joins us here. However you feel led, consider what it would mean to you to step out of your own comfort zone. Imagine the heights to which you’ll soar and the ways in which your spirit will feel enhanced. And perhaps the most beautiful piece of this experience, is that you are supported by a community of others who join you in answering the call of the Divine. Together, we will each step more fully into the I AM of who we are.

As my dear friend Joss reminds us always….Walk in Beauty. 


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26 thoughts on “I AM….Accepting the Challenge, Too”

    1. Lee – so glad you’ll be joining the challenge! It’s been pretty amazing so far to read the posts of others who are stepping up to ‘step outside’ their comfort zones. I see your journey already as doing that in so many ways. Thank you for inspiring us all…and also for taking the time to connect. Much love to you, my friend. xoxo

  1. Hello Jackie,
    You explained so beautifully all that I was thinking when I first read the challenge.. almost the same reactions. And Yes! is one of my pre-post-a-day posts. Since I wrote that post I have been saying YES! to more – and less. After reading the bloggers Marge has so wonderfully brought together, I am anticipating reading about their challenges and seeing my own evolve. What terrific energy we are sharing. Instead of high fiving this, I say high vibe it! 🙂

    1. Evolution. Growth. Opening. These are the words that come to mind, dear friend. Thank you for sharing in this journey…I’m looking forward to witnessing each of us as we move through 2012 dissolving away the barriers that hold us in place. Yes – let’s HIGH VIBE it – I love that! xoxo

  2. Jackie – I agree that each time we step out, the person looking back is a bit stronger, happier, wiser, bolder, etc. The list of challenges will change from week to week. I am thrilled to have you taking this challenge because I plan to learn from the steps to you take and the growth you make. I am truly honored!

    1. Marge! Surely you’re feeling the vibes as I’ve been very much contemplating how to begin this new challenge. Something inside of me cries out for it, and I’m about to write a post on what has come to rest in my awareness. We’re on the same wavelength my friend….so much we all have to learn by sharing our journeys together. xoxo

    1. My dear friend….I’ve missed you while you were away and am so glad to feel the warmth of your spirit. So glad you’ll be joining in this challenge. Together we’ll all share the journeys of it….and open ourselves to all that awaits us. I’m sending you lots of love….xoxo

      1. WE will share journeys – we have already – we are Right Now – Isn’t that miraculous ! I feel so …xx with a heart – mind – soul as open as the sky and Ready for the challenge of Opening more and Just being more transparent in spirit – Love ! Happy New Year Countdown from me to You …..Love To You and Family beautiful Jackie —–Secret Worlds………. no longer – Out Loud Living – Dream out loud – be out loud xoxoxoxoxo
        “secret world ” peter gabriel

        blast this one xo and best to You and George for a Powerful New Year xo

  3. Joss,

    Excellent point, and I rather agree. Week one’s ‘stretch’ will be a small but significant piece of the transformation that will unfold, and I can’t see my way to creating a list of what I want or feel to do. It will be revealed as we go along – at least that’s my own process. Already the hum of energy around this feels as though it’s buzzing and I’m elated!


  4. It’s always a good idea to S~T~R~E~T~C~H ourselves, but I wonder whether trying to do so on a weekly basis isn’t a bit frenetic.

    Instead of really focusing on each challenge, to incorporate it into our lives, we’ll be crossing one off the list to make room for the next the next the next the next.

    Rather than doing a challenge like this . . . I’d might focus on making one new positive life affirming change each month throughout 2012. Twelve goals. Twelve steps in the “right” direction.

    Best of luck, Jackie.

      1. Well I wondered about this too and then i thought “who will I become, if from week to week, i am stepping out of my comfort zone?” At first I was going to make a list of 52 things and then I realized that won’t work. Because, for example, after 10 weeks of stepping out, I won’t be the same person, so the list would change. I’m excited to see where this challenge is going to take me.

    1. Love that you’re sharing the perspective from your heart, Nancy. I’ve thought about this as well….and am committed to allowing the guidance of how to step outside my own comfort zone to come to me rather than going in search of it. And while the experience will be different for each of us, I can say with certainty – at least from here – that the ‘frenzy’ will become most prominent when I am out of touch with ME.

      I’m looking forward to your twelve steps, and love the monthly life affirmations. So very grateful for the connections we’re all making and the paces we’ll share along the way.

      Much love to you, friend. xoxo

  5. Jackie, your words are so elegant and the thought process is so profound regarding this challenge! I am so excited that you said ‘YES’ to this challenge and I look forward to see what fun things we do, attempt to do and blog about with others.


    1. Marge,

      Thank you for your warm thoughts and support. There is already such a sense of soul companionship present amongst us on this quest for expansion of who we are in 2012. With joy in my heart, the ever present hovering of anxiety, but the ever more resounding whispers from my spirit, I AM ready. Very excited to see where this journey takes us – individually and together! xoxo

  6. Wow Jackie, you put into words so beautifully what I heart was communicating to me about this. Thank you for that and for joining in with us. I’m excited to see how this is all going to come about and as you say, how wonderful, to step out of our comfort zones within a community setting. I can do this!

    1. Indeed, dear friend Joss…you can! We can. Already the energy of this venture is building for me, and like you, I’m thinking about the exhilaration of stepping out of my comfort zone in ways that honor my spirit and stretch the stamina of my soul. What a journey we have ahead of us!!

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