A New Day

First, let me thank each of you for your sharing your love and wisdom as comments to my last post ‘Mirror, Mirror.’ What happened after writing that and saying some things ‘out loud’ was quite miraculous to not only experience, but witness unfolding. I began on my own to recognize that it was indeed ME who was making me feel so crazy inside. Through some of your shared thoughts and also other sources, the messages began flooding in: stay present in THIS moment, people see through the eyes of their own experience, we attract situations into our lives to assist us in growing and stretching more into who we are. And perhaps the most powerful of all: the mind is a brilliant thing! When I read ‘A Cracked Pot,’ I felt something release inside myself, and remembered Rumi’s message about light shining through the wounds – the cracks. 

You, see my friends, my MIND stepped into fear, anxiety, panic. And thank you to Miro for reminding us all of the training we undergo as spiritual warriors: have the courage to live in what is true for you now. Old beliefs, tribal and societal conditioning creep in and distract us – and I’m very clear on how I stepped into that darkness of unknowing, shadows, uncertainty and old ‘stuff.’ The beauty of it, is that from our shadows comes the radiance of light.

I was blessed to be spending time with two beautiful women, healers and teachers on Thursday and Friday. Processing emotions and witnessing the inner dialogue of my thoughts and fear-based beliefs brought much needed relief, peace and release. I’m learning more and more how much we are driven by our fears. Again – it’s a language I’ve *known, but am now beginning to experience on a deeper level than ever before.

Perfect. Not perfect. Perfectly imperfect. The words don’t matter – it’s the implications we claim as our own that impact how we see and feel about ourselves. My own inner doubt brought such a depth of uncertainty, disconnection, chaos – it was impossible to see the light and beauty of being ME in that space. The GRACE of it is coming out on the other side, reaching the awareness of simply: I am Jackie. And that’s enough. It’s the message that comes over and over again, wearing different attire, speaking in various dialects, posing as new characters along the way. But always, at the core of my being is this truth: Love heals. And thankfully, I am back to a place of being able to see the beauty of being me, loving me and letting that be my truth.

Uncomfortable? Yes. Very. Healing? Absolutely. It’s part of the journey. We don’t need to make ourselves any bigger – or any smaller – to be okay. And we’ll never be able to convince other people of who we are. There aren’t enough words. So why not just be? And ‘let it be.’ When we feel the need to ‘convince’ – then we somehow aren’t sure of what we know is true. Otherwise, just the reality of it being OUR truth would be enough. Enough. A simple word – so filled with richness and challenge. 

My choice today: ‘Let it be.’ I’m choosing inner peace. Thank you for your love, your warmth, your open hearts. I appreciate you….and I’m sending love out to each of you. xoxo

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21 thoughts on “A New Day”

  1. it takes a little effot to climb the stairs (~_~)
    breath in breath out

    it’s the cutest thing to watch my eight year old sit as though meditating, eyes closed, cross legged making sounds…ummmmmm ummmmm I’mmmmm gonna be okay

  2. I believe that we, if paying attention and willing to leave the comfort zone, get called to higher levels. To move up we must strip down first(again). It is absolutely drawing us each closer to authenticity. We can’t get there though without giving up ourselves.

    1. It’s a rhythmic and spiraled cycle, isn’t it? Death & rebirth. Breathing in, breathing out. Holding tight and then letting go again. And yes, I agree with you, my friend, that each time we are ‘called to higher levels.’

      Thank you for being here and sharing your light in this space. xo

  3. just be…….you! Why is that a lesson we need to learn over and over? Having said that, each time the lesson comes with greater depth, greater peace and greater love. Stepping out of fear and into love is a constant growth process, isn’t it!
    walk in beauty dear one, walk in beauty.

    1. Yes it is, a constant process. But isn’t it a gift that we can continually choose to go on, to stay the journey, to learn and be more of who we are.

      Walking….with so many who join at my side. Thank you. xo

  4. “And we’ll never be able to convince other people of who we are. “- wow, how true, and we put our energies into trying to do just that rather than working on that self acceptance. I’m gonna sit on this sentence you wrote for a while. It’s cracked open a space in the core of me. Thank you Jackie. I love you.

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