From ‘Comfort’ to ‘Grace’

I had an aha! moment that began last week and has continued into the present. So many things have contributed to this awareness, I can’t begin to list them all. But I will say thank you to my fellow bloggers for the wisdom and inspiration you share. Often your words are the food that warms my soul.

The realization is that we can move from comfort into chaos and just plain feel uncomfortable–OR we can move from comfort into a state of grace. Grace is a mystical substance, with a high vibration of Divine energy. There is a heat to it when you feel it enter your being, surrounding you, indeed comforting you. I experienced its return to my awareness last week when I felt most turned inside out. The faulty belief–and I shared it here–was that discomfort is necessary in order to grow sometimes. While there may still be some TRUTH to that, it doesn’t have to remain part of my belief system. Do you understand the difference, my friends?

Our belief system holds truths that ARE. They don’t have movement or flexibility. The hold static energy and ARE. This particular bit of truth can be so at times, and other times not. Therefore it doesn’t belong in the core of my being as part of what I hold true. I am Divine. THAT is an always truth. Growth = discomfort doesn’t hold up.

The power of this aha! though, came in the moment when I heard the word GRACE spoken by one of my teachers. It took me back instantly to the classroom of Caroline Myss in 2005, when something Divine and beyond all of us entered our space. The energy of grace, the ability to invoke grace at any time, and the realization of how much we all need its presence and power came to life once again. 

We can move out of our comfort zone. But we don’t have to then flounder around in chaos and discomfort. We can invoke the healing, calming energy of grace. The heat of it will move where we most need it. As I felt this last week, I felt everything in my being begin to surrender to its warmth. The inner turmoil and battle were quieted. And I also realized: it’s ok for me to exude grace. I don’t have to hide that in this lifetime. I can be fully Jackie. However she may look, be perceived or understood by others is ok. I don’t have to quiet her, dim her, tone her down in order to feel comfortable in being me. I can enter a state of grace, channel that grace to others in whatever form it takes and be ‘comfortable’ in me. 

I’m not sure words serve me well in sharing this with you, my friends. But I’m clear on it inside myself. I’ve shared below an excerpt of Caroline’s teaching on grace. Within just moments of listening, the power, the sacredness, the high altitude energy of her words penetrates my soul. 

So I don’t have a specific item or task for this week’s No Comfort Zone Challenge. I do have some places that aren’t comfortable, that are stretching me. I’m surrendering them to grace. They’re too personal to share, but I wanted to share with you the experience around them. And I have a list accumulating of some things I need to address that will fall under this challenge and will be tended to in future weeks. For today, for this round, I ask you to trust that I am honoring our journey into this space and I am honoring the call of my own soul. 

Walking 5 days last week was quite exhilarating. My husband even joined in! I remembered that I hear the voice of spirit so clearly when I walk. The importance of getting out of the house and moving my body goes far beyond the physical benefits. And yet, I do fully believe that as truth. I’ll keep walking….keep listening….and keep sharing. xoxo


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22 thoughts on “From ‘Comfort’ to ‘Grace’”

  1. Sometimes we skin our knees as we learn to ride a bike . . . but skinning our knees is not a necessary step in learning to ride a bike.

    Many are prone to saying . . . “No pain, no gain.”

    Like you, I tend to disagree with that statement. Pain can be a teacher. We often gain after dealing with pain . . . but pain is NOT a necessary step to changing who we are and how we CHOOSE to live.

    I have gained in so many ways along the spiritual path . . . with very little pain.
    Just the occasional pin prick. 😉

    Good luck as the path continues to unfold before you.

    1. I like that Nancy – ‘pin prick.’ Yes, it ‘hurts’ – but not really. Just makes me realize once again how much our mind plays a role in determining our level of ‘pain.’

      Healing is the greatest gift to our pain. When we allow that to be the remedy, the pain has little power and isn’t as ‘great’ as we might imagine it to be.

      Thank you for your ever shining light. xoxo

  2. Hi Miss Jackie ……feels like it’s been years —— from reading this i feel the grounded awareness – physically – something moving or shifting — into a better place of Now perhaps – just a happy feeling to read such Authenticity in You and the acceptance of chaos as part of the movements we need to go through – like music – >>> lower frequencies – then higher frequencies . i feel you are at a higher frequency now .
    Just my heart telling me You are Good In the Now ….
    and that’s all that matters – each day is a mystery – and we don’t know where it will go – to understand we have control over our thoughts is a difficult battle i fight everyday ….really truly …. But My emotions are beyond my control ….And that is the way – it’s supposed to be for me .
    Love Love Love from Toronto to Georgia with a sense of warmth no matter what ……. I cannot offer you a song today – you know why ? Because you are The Frequencies and tonalities I am hearing in my heart —- so Happy for You

    1. Hello my sweet…yes it does feel as though it’s been a long time. You’ve been in my heart and in my thoughts. So much changing now – on a level we aren’t even able to comprehend mentally. Always my love is with you. Keep shining….keep singing….keep creating from the beauty of YOU. xoxo Love you.

      1. LOVE
        THX for the email yesterday too – You are so empathic it’s too weird sometimes – in a comfortable way though xx
        You are totally right – mentally – i don’t “Get it” yet – emotionally i do – Very much
        Keep writing my sweet – i wanna read what is next with you in the NOW – 🙂 smiles xx
        Yours always

  3. “surrendering to grace” what a beautiful healing step! For too many, surrender has come to mean “giving up” but it so beyond that. It is giving – giving over – to give over to grace those things, those places that need light and healing is to walk in beauty.

    1. Ugh. I remember when a teacher first kept saying – ‘surrender Jackie.’ It did indeed feel like something of giving up, not holding on, not fighting, not being ME. And yet, it IS all of those things, but again, not as our mind tells it to be. It is, as you say, giving over. We too often feel that to be giving UP something we value rather than observing it as a Flow already moving, to which we give ourselves and let the rhythm carry us forward. xoxo

  4. I believe in the therapeutic qualities of walking and am not surprised that you’ve given yourself permission to surrender. Things happen when we move our bodies, breathe in fresh air and appreciate. Thoughts appear and ideas float to us. I wonder if we had a mandatory daily 15 minute walk break across the world what amazing things could evolve from it…

  5. There’s a powerful connection between our physical condition and our mental/spiritual state. Sometimes the solution to life’s biggest problems is as simple as putting on a pair of shoes and going for a walk. The human body was meant to move. If the mind is dwelling on troubles and stressing, that’s because it’s not doing one of the most basic things it was designed to do; operate arms and legs.
    Peace & grace,

  6. Your post made me go and look up the definition for Comfort Zone – a situation or position in which a person feels secure, comfortable, or in control. Secure – that is the word that is my undoing. Change requires chaos – chaos causes me fear – fear leaves me feeling unsecure. I scurry back to my warm comfortable pile of poo.

    Thank you for helping me see chaos as not necessarily a bad thing.

    1. Especially not when we invoke grace, shift our mental focus (thanks Miro) and allow the surrender to enter our being. It’s the ‘fight’ in us that creates the most discomfort and pain. Loving to watch your journey unfold…and you are doing so beautifully at letting go. xoxo

  7. the grace os a crane is an awesome trait… it is visualized and used to teach martial arts as the begining, a white belt, when asked how can this help or be, it unfolds as a crane is no match for a tiger, except, if a crane is aware and uses it’s graceful balance it can elude the tiger and live as an animal of peace and tranqulity with grace it lives and survives. I recalled this when I read your awesome post (~_~)

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