Subconscious Movement ~ NoCZ Week 2

 Sometimes I just have to laugh out loud – seriously – LOL. 

Just yesterday I posted that I didn’t have clear direction for this week’s No Comfort Zone Challenge – there wasn’t anything in particular I felt guided to focus on directly. Yes, there’s a list of things to ‘check off’ – but none that were relative in that moment. Surprisingly, I’m still amazed and left in awe with the ways of the Universe and how quickly our lives can ‘spin on a dime.’ 

The list – yes. On the list are several health related ‘do’s’ that I’ve been putting off–one of which is to reconnect with a chiropractor for neck pain. Other little signs have indicated it’s getting worse, and I need to be proactive instead of sit still uncertain of how to address it. 

After reading Marge’s post It Came to Me in a Flash yesterday, I found myself pondering again a commitment I’ve made to work in trade with a woman who has created a very profound process of connecting even more deeply to who we are.  It intrigued me from the first time I heard about it – and the trade works well for both of us. My role is to assist her in expanding the public awareness of the process, through a presence in social media especially and other outlets as well. We were both elated to find one another and begin. 

Until. The holidays came, my life felt over full and I needed to take a step back. I put off our work together and something has ever since felt ‘uneasy’ about it all. I’ve really considered and asked myself if this means it’s not in alignment with where I am. I’ve also stopped and sat full with the awareness that sometimes what is so good for us seems to stir our subconscious resistance into action. Unsure which of the two were my truth, I’ve decided to move forward with the process, to get started and allow it to unfold. Should things become clear, then I’ll act on what I know. For now, I know (knew) to at least be honest with her and give it some time.

We began today, Ahna and me. It was day one of the Opening Energy process. There was a tremendous amount of ‘discomfort’ if you consider the uncertainty and unsettled feeling inside myself. I really, truly had no idea just what to expect. My energy felt unsure, unconvinced, but still open. 

Within 10 minutes it was shifting. We talked about what I was feeling and the honesty of sharing my truth was refreshing. I read yesterday in my book The Expected One that we have only to ‘ask’ for what we want and then it will show up. Granted it doesn’t always happen that quickly or simply, but at times, it does. Just a few more minutes into our conversation today, and Ahna asked if I’m experiencing any pain. I described what I’m feeling (which she was already intuitively connected to) and she went on to recommend a particular type of chiropractic care that feels very much in alignment with what I’m desiring. 

TWO answers my friends. Both in response to my own movement OUT of the comfort zone. Neither of these are steps I was excited to take initially, but both feel so very healing and loving toward myself. So I’m revising what I said yesterday – I DO know what this week’s movement is on my No Comfort Zone Challenge: 

1. Even when the path is not clear or comfortable – take a step. Honor the commitment to Ahna and begin the process. Trust the answers I need are already here. CHECK. 

2. Call the local chiropractor who I feel is in alignment with the treatment I need – make an appointment and get the program STARTED. (Sort of ‘check’ – I called, they’re not open today. So I’ll call again tomorrow.)

These steps were not driven by what my mind decided was best. There was an invisible Flow happening beneath the surface. What is clear once again is that when we consciously choose to listen to our guidance – even the ‘small’ guidance that feels flat, boring, insignificant – we open the channel to the Divine even more. Taking one tiny step moves us forward in giant measure on this journey. Remember my friends, we are spirits in EARTH school. Earth life applies to us all. We can’t just feed the soul, we must honor the mind and care for the body as well. xo


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23 thoughts on “Subconscious Movement ~ NoCZ Week 2”

    1. Marge of Inside Out Cafe created the challenge, and has several tags she uses. When I just searched ‘No Comfort Zone Challenge 2012’ – I found several entries from our blogs (the top 8). Also found several under NoCZ2012. A matter of preference, maybe?

  1. I think I am going to interpret reluctance as an indicator that the toxic self within me is afraid – everytime I read about one of us overcoming it there is a positive benefit – thank you for the new perscpective.

  2. It can be so difficult at times to understand what the hesitation is rooted in. For me waiting until I have peace with the decision is key. In the past I have not slowed down enough to pay attention to the road signs along the way and have run into obstacles and mishaps.Nowadays I try to wait for peace which comes with clear direction.

    Reach beyond the CZ Jackie!

    1. ‘Waiting until I have peace with the decision is the key.’ Absolutely. If there’s no peace, there’s no decision to be made. At times, I’ve found it helpful to ask what if I DON’T do this – and check in with myself. The beauty of it all, is that the Universe reveals our path to us when we need it most.


    1. Joss – I love this. It feels like a mantra that can be used at any time to ease whatever it is we are feeling. You are so filled with sacred wisdom. I’m grateful for our connection and send you all my love and gratitude. xoxo

      P.S. I’m writing this down and posting it where I can read it often. xo

  3. Sometimes when we are reluctant to begin, it’s because we are heading the “wrong way” and are no longer on “our path.” Other times, our reluctance stems from laziness or a tendency to procrastinate or fearfulness or . . . [insert excuse here].

    Good luck with both challenges, Jackie.

    1. Love that – ‘insert excuse here.’ I couldn’t find any ‘excuse’ for what I was feeling, although I can see there was genuine reluctance. I’ve learned of reluctance to either get in touch with what drives it – or if I’m unable to – to not engage in a ‘tug of war’ with it. If the answer isn’t clearly yes or no, go with the Flow then and let it unfold as it will. Thanks for your unwavering support, Nancy. xoxo

  4. I just wrote on Your past post – pls keep writing and Now I am here in the Now with You ….!
    “‘ask’ for what we want and then it will show up.” You just wrote that Too !

    This is great news Jackie ….
    Baby steps and asking what we want – Gives us answers that sometimes may confuse the mind – But FEELS right .
    I had my Doctor ask me yesterday after my check up
    “Do You Know what You want” ……
    so ,…….. I guess – this swirls me back to Your post about the unconscious doing most of the work – all maybe ? and that The Guidance you speak of
    reveals Itself – through people – words – LIGHT ……and True OPENNESS ……. I do have music for You today – Thank You again for emailing me yesterday = from You to me – there are tons of good vibrations and frequencies – it’s like a path that No one can hear but me ……strange – but good strange ……. Embracing it all ….
    Huggs from me to you xo
    and embrace all the little miracles of opening further ……
    love you xx

    1. Beautiful Cat –

      It’s a question that sometimes catches us off guard, strangely, isn’t it? ‘Do you know what you want?’ All at once we realize that we very clearly do – or we have no idea and perhaps need time to connect. You are such a lovely blossom of beauty unfolding for me with every word you share. Thank you for the song…and for the greatest melody that is YOU. xoxo

      1. We are the Melody Sweet J …….
        You Know That .
        I think the answer lies in the question – Rumi ?
        i think that was Rumi …..:)
        Yes once someone asks that – You get a triggered feeling – not bad – not good – just neutral for once – 🙂 And The Subconscious works wonders at unveiling more than lies on the surface . And There is also the issue of Time …..To Digest , If You will – That question ……
        It gets assimilated into every part of all cells – that’s how i see it in my heart – ! Until That question becomes The emotion of reaching Out as opposed to internalizing it . Does that make sense Jackie – because it makes total sense to me ! lol ……. Thank You for inspiring me – in the responses we have going on there is such a high frequency of love and understanding ….. When I respond – When You Respond – we move ………..Towards something NEW in the Now ……
        That song – i found yesterday – just melted me .
        Like a Canvas splashed with Love .
        !!!!! Right Now You have inspired me .
        Like a flash of Blue .
        so Thank YOU .
        Wish i had skype – no more room on this computer ! soon – so we can speak in person – face to face – eyes to eyes and heart to heart …..

        Here is another one from That artist ——– which i have been listening to -for 24 hours – It’s quite ZENNISH –
        calming and lovely xoxo Like You
        Hugs – and it’s so grody out here today – grey skies – come one sun – come out and play –
        I love You !

        1. Astral – that is what you are, Cat Forsley. I feel it in your music and it emanates from your words. Yes – we are the melody. I love what you said – ‘we move towards something new….in the NOW.’

          I love you. xo

          1. Good morning from a Blizzard !!!!!!!! ASTRAL ….well – that is the best description – if you will of me – You Got me – when i sometimes don’t even “get ” myself . This is why i don’t do very well on The Earth Plane .
            I do much better with starry eyed souls and people that keep their eyes uppppp ! Love You J .
            You make me wanna change my name to something i have always wanted my name to be AURORA ……
            I love you – It’s pure white sky here today
            -all white – and friday the 13th- which i find such a powerful day !
            sending love and crystal snowflake love

  5. Yes, there’s so much to be gained when we embrace discomfort, rather than try to avoid it. It’s all about acceptance of what is, and not getting frustrated over what isn’t or what we want but can’t have.
    Peace & grace,

    1. I so agree with you Miro. It would have been too easy to have made myself mentally crazy over trying to ‘figure it out.’ Instead, letting myself move through it one step at a time…trusting the answers would be revealed…and they were. I’m truly in awe of how quickly it all seems to move, tho. Day one of the Opening Energy process…as well as week one of the challenge. The energy is quickly moving us into our true selves – connecting us to the ‘training’ we have in the core of our being. xo

  6. Jackie, you are so right – this is a package deal. We can’t just feed one area and leave the others out in the cold. It was fun to watch you process your steps – and to join you in the end result. It is so amazing when things work out with such simplicity that makes us wonder why there was any sort of stress along the way!

    1. It’s really quite an amazing dance we have with ourselves when we step back and watch the movement. One thing I have learned implicitly – when there’s a clear answer – I’ll feel it. Otherwise, trust the process. ; ) xo

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