Embracing the ‘Difference’

II absolutely respect and adore this mother’s willingness to step up on behalf of her ‘different’ child. Aren’t we all different anyway? Some of us just allow it to seep into the outer layers, clearly visible to everyone. I believe these children – these people – these human beings who are just like us – are teaching us all a little something about being comfortable in our skin. They are lighting our way into living the truth of who we are, feeling empowered as we stand up and just let it be. We don’t have to flaunt or fuss, but we can grow with grace into feeling liberated and ‘whole’ just by being OURSELVES. Bravo to you, C.J. – and to you – C.J.’s parents. Thank you for inspiring us all. xoxoxo

Raising My Rainbow


I don’t know you and I won’t know you until after Labor Day, but I just wanted to take a minute to introduce myself and my son to you.  I’m C.J.’s Mom and my son C.J. is gender nonconforming.  I used to shy away from telling people that before they got a chance to meet my awesome child, but, over the years I’ve found that it’s better to tell some people right up front — especially his teachers.  Plus, he has told me that he prefers for me to make the announcement ahead of him.  So, there you have it.

Please don’t think that I’m crazy or that my son is crazy or that we are weird.  It’s okay to think that we are different.  We are different, we own that and hope that people will see us being different and come to realize that our version of different…

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12 thoughts on “Embracing the ‘Difference’”

  1. I love that you re-posted this article. I can’t seem to get enough of CJ’s mom! Her love and acceptance is something that I internalize for my own inner child as well as the world at large. We are all moving to such an incredible place where we cherish our differences and celebrate them….Thank you for this!

    1. Oh, me too Little L.! C.J.’s mom is a hero to many, don’t you think? I love how she honors him for who he is…clearly her willingness and grace in doing so is already echoing around the world, touching many. Love to you….xoxoxo

  2. school time again… my little girl is excited
    if we were to look close enough, we are all different, and shouldn’t hide nor shy from it but instead embrace our individual-ness, yes, this mother takes the right right path with bravery and spirit, wonderful

    1. How’s your little girl enjoying school, Art? We have just one left in high school. Dropping Cliff off at college was a heartbreaker…time for more letting go. I’m certain you and your wife are as open and loving as C.J.’s mom – and that makes for a beautiful gift to your daughter. xo

  3. oh for a world where we can, each of us, just be! A world without labels, where we each are valued, loved, respected members of a community of awesome souls. People, like CJ’s mom are helping to create that world for all of us.

    1. I read your comment just after you posted it, Joss, but I’m not always so great at replying. It’s no mistake I’m here reading it again after the post I just wrote. Yes, we are, we long to be, members of a community of awesome souls. I’m blessed to have people like you in my life who aren’t afraid to long for the same. xoxo

  4. C.J is an extremely lucky human being (with the best of all Worlds).

    I’m guessing that it’s not always going to be easy but I have zero experience with this subject (so what do I know). That said, one thing I am pretty confident of, is that C.J already has a headstart with a mum who knows how to express herself and inspire others.

    Best of luck with the weeks, months and years ahead. Just try as hard as you can to enjoy life……as it’s the differences that make life truly worth living (in the end).

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